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Abdominal Exercises in Kenya

NNowadays everyone admires rock hard oblique abdominal muscles. Very contrary to a few decades ago when they were a preserve of exercise fanatics and gym bugs. The truth is anybody can acquire  six pack abs. A combination of the best abdominal exercises in Kenya, fat burning recipes and a targeted abdominal equipment will work for anyone.

Much depends on your commitment if you are going to tackle those love handles. Apart from the required fat burning workouts necessary for losing stomach fat, fat burning foods are also necessary. Weight loss tips in Kenya will be very useful in discovering some lean body secrets. These will be a great aid in successfully chiseling your torso trunk.

Some killer Abdominal Exercises in Kenya  The Jack Knife

For this exercise you need a mat on the floor. Lie back first onto the floor on a mat. Extend both arms above your head, at the same time lift your legs pointed upwards. If possible touch your toes with your finger tips. Return slowly to your starting point. Repeat the exercise 10 times or for ten reps.

The windshield wipers

Place a mat on the floor and lie on it with your back to the floor. Make a T formation with your hands for additional stability. Lift your legs to a position that is perpendicular to the floor. Maintain contact with the floor as your rotate your hips. Let your legs swing from left to right and right to left like the wipers on a car windshield. Control the movement and let the feet slowly slug to and fro for about 10 reps.

The Side Crunch on Ball

cruch on ballPlace your right hip firmly on an exercise ball, leaning into it. Support the sole of your feet against a wall and keep your torso off the ball. Placing your hands on your ears, contract your left oblique muscles and lift your torso as high as you can. Hold for 3 seconds before releasing, repeat the exercise 10 times.

Front Plank on Ball

Let your elbows rest across a flat bench, as the ball of your feet rest on an exercise ball. Contract your abdominal muscles so that your body remains parallel to the floor without  dipping your lower back. Hold this position for about 60 seconds.

The Reverse Crunch

best abdominal exercises in kenyaLie on the exercise bench and bend your knees and upper legs so they form a 90 degree angle with your torso. Grab the bench above your head for support, Use your abdominal muscles to pull your knees towards your chest till they are touching your elbows. Hold at the crunch position for 3 seconds before returning to the start position. Do at least 10 reps of the workout.

Twist and Crunch

abdominal exercisesPlace your back on a mat on the floor, with your hands placed on your ears, and your legs perpendicular to the floor. Twist your hips by contracting your left oblique muscles and hold it at that position. Using your abdominal muscles, move your right elbow across your body to the side of your left knee. Return to the starting position and do ten reps and switch to your right side.

The Russian Twist

Sit down on a declined bench leaning back slightly so that your hips and torso forms a ninety degree angle. Clasp your hands together, straighten your back with your chest out and arms straight. Making semi circles with your arms, flex your abdominal muscles and move right to left and left to right without changing your form.

Reaching Crunch on Ball

Sit on a ball with your feet at shoulder width apart on the floor. Lean back your neck until you are parallel to the floor. ballcrunch cruches on stabi ballStraighten your arms and point them up. Contract your abdominal muscles  as though doing the abdominal crunch and reach for the ceiling with your fingertips. Hold it there at the contracted position for three seconds before lowering yourself to the starting position.


Hip Raise Leg Raise

abdominal exercises in Kenya reaching cruchesLie flat on a bench with your legs up, perpendicular to the bench. Take a grip onto the bench behind your head for stability. Lift your hips slightly off the bench and contract your lower abdominal muscles. hold for three seconds and lower your hips keeping your back flat on the bench.Keep legs straightened and lower them until almost fully straight in line with your body. Hold for a three count before returning your back to the start position and do ten reps.

The Wood Chop

Place about 25 pounds on a multipurpose pulley machine for this exercise. Hold the hand attachment at about your shoulders height, with your left hand forming a square from you to the machine. Take a few steps away from the machine to your right until the tension is sufficient. Stand with your feet at shoulder width apart and bring your right arm across your body. Keep your arms together at shoulder height, using your abdominal muscles bring your arms across your body. Mimic the wood chopping movement returning to the starting position.

Incorporating Diets with Abdominal Exercises in Kenya

Getting a muscular six pack may prove futile if you are on the wrong diet. This is because you will end up working very hard in your workouts, but there will always a thin layer of fat covering your six pack abs. All of us have six pack abs, Its only that the majority of us have some layers of fat covering our abs, making them invisible.

Including a lot of natural foods in your diet is essential as part of a healthy diet. Make sure you are satiated all day by eating small meals every three hours. Having sufficient food is important for building muscle around the stomach while reducing belly fat.

Proteins are important for building muscle, so don’t forget to include them in all your meals. Always ensure that your eat sufficient food, avoid overeating and starvation. Starvation defeats the purpose of losing fats by sending signals to the body to horde supplies in anticipation of scarcity.

Low carb diets are essential if you are to have successful outcomes following the abdominal exercises in Kenya. Oatmeal, starch bread, pasta and brown ric  are excellent alternatives to processed food and fried foods. These contain trans fats or low density lipoproteins than increase your health risks.

Always use healthy fats ingredients like olive oil, peanut butter and salmon. Dietary fiber is very important in your diet when engaging in abdominal exercises in Kenya. Apples, pears broccoli, cabbage, turnips greens, carrots, sweet corn, sweet potatoes and and water lemons are examples of foods that are rich in fiber.

Effective Tips to Follow When doing Abdominal Exercises in Kenya

Always try to throw in a few of the killer abdominal exercises above between your regular workouts. Achieving Your objectives may take a long time so always have patience with yourself. Avoid comparing yourself with others, set yourself goals that are easy to measure in terms of success.

Always carry a water bottle during your routines. Water is a very essential fluid when trying to get rid of belly fat. Avoid calorie drinks like sugared juices, sodas alcohol. Squeezing a lemon into water cleans your gut and removes toxins from your body.

Plan in advance all your diet needs to avoid eating anything unsuitable or unhealthy foods. It may be important to prepare a weekly or monthly diet plan to help you perform some abdominal exercises in Kenya.

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