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About Charles

<About Charles

Is anyone interested in finding business leads or clients from online sources? Finding a client for a fitness product, health package or any other business clients requires more or less the same strategies. Anyone who has run any marketing campaign knows that it really matters less how superior your products are. What matters more is whether your clients can find your products.

About Charles

About Charles

When a body builder needs to develop six pack abs, he researches on all the abdominal exercises and diets and follows through with his sessions. Similarly, when a motorcycle dealer needs to sell his motorcycles, he looks for the right market segment and targets this segment until he achieves his goal. The body builder then cuts back on the abdominal fat and builds on lean muscle.

The motorcycle dealer likewise follows his prospective leads until he turns them into buyers. Everybody appreciates a well curved six pack. But not everyone appreciates the amount of time and effort that goes into making these results visible. The dealer might visit ten prospects but if only one translates into a buyer, then his success rate is only 10 percent.

As a marketer, I have been able to create effective online marketing strategies for different professionals. It has been rewarding to help entrepreneurs to target and connect with their clients. The online business world gives one a chance to interact with people across the globe. Since then, I have run online marketing campaigns for clients in USA, Britain, Belgium, Puerto Rico and Kenya.

I have worked in collaboration with web designers, photographers, agencies, bloggers, educators and dentists. I have offered online marketing services that continue to link businesses with their target audience to this day. All the contracted tasks I have performed, I have undertaken them as if they were my own.

A bodybuilder needs to exercise, get nourished and have sufficient relaxation. Similarly a marketer needs to train himself to know his clients products, prices, clients and how to promote them. If you find yourself asking some of the questions below, don’t hesitate to contact me for solutions.

· How do create a website that is visible online and performs its intended functions?

· How can I create content that is relevant to what my potential customers are looking for?

· How can I use social media to improve the leads that I get for my business?

· How can I leverage the massive traffic from more established sites that are relevant to my business?

· How can I create videos that will get high views on you tube and rank highly on search engines?

· How can I establish my own email database that will improve my email marketing campaigns?

I still set out to help other people to achieve their fitness goals. This philosophy of exercise, nourishment and relaxation has proved to be successful beyond my wildest imagination. Indeed, it has come to represent my way of doing living, with faith, persistence, determination and teamwork.

As I look back, nothing has been quick and easy. There have been no quick fixes or short cuts. The saying ‘whatever a man sows, he will reap’ seems to have been said with more than one aspect of life in mind.

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