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Alcohol Abuse Side Effects

<Alcohol abuse side effects are consequences of drug use that affects the addict and everyone else in their lives. Close relatives, friends and workmates usually suffer when a loved one abuses alcohol. When addiction is not treated, its side effects can get out of hand. Alcoholism can be described as behavior that is compulsive and influenced by a dependency on alcohol.

Alcohol Abuse Side Effects

Alcohol Abuse Side Effects

Alcohol addiction is a serious illness that cannot be overcome without treatment. Alcohol abuse assessment is a significant step towards handling alcohol abuse side effects. The treatment approach focuses on dealing with withdrawal symptoms and minimizing the long-term side effects. The treatment also involves detoxification rehab and group forums or therapy.

Alcohol Abuse physical Side Effects

Alcoholism is associated with many physical side effects. These include complications of the central nervous system, cardiovascular disease, and impediments to the physiological brain functions. When ignored, alcoholism can destroy an individual’s life. This possibility is real especially in the wake of heart disease.

Similar alcohol abuse side effects can result from liver diseases. The main role of the liver is processing toxins and digesting of fats within the body. These crucial roles performed by the liver can be significantly undermined by excessive consumption of alcohol. Toxin accumulation in the body is a serious problem that can result from liver diseases.

Malnutrition is yet another substance abuse side effect triggered by alcoholism. An alcoholic is overly preoccupied by drinking liquor. This can come at the expense of taking meals. The pot belly of an addict can be mistaken for healthy eating habits. However, this is just a severe symptom of alcoholism. The functions of the digestive system can also be disrupted by alcohol. Alcohol requires about 24 hours to be processed in the body. When intoxicated, the digestive system’s functions are constrained.

Alcohol Abuse Mental Side Effects

An addict’s physiological brain functions deteriorate significantly with increased consumption of alcohol. The resultant brain interference can be responsible for various psychiatric issues. An alcoholic may start having irrational thoughts of suicide as a result of hopelessness and little self esteem.

Binge drinking of liquor can also lead to anxiety disorder. Similar alcohol abuse side effects include depression. Short term or long term memory loss is another serious symptom of alcoholism that may need medical attention from a side effects doctor.

Alcohol Abuse Social Side Effects

Alcohol Abuse Side Effects

Alcohol Abuse Side Effects

Several alcohol abuse side effects are not restricted to the addict. The alcoholic’s entire network of relationships can suffer as a result of alcohol abuse. This means that workmates friends and close relatives are not spared the effects of alcohol. An alcoholic will usually neglect aspects of his life related to work, school and even family obligations.

Social vices count among the negative alcohol abuse side effects that plague the society as a whole. Alcohol addiction is a pastime that requires money to finance. Addicts have no qualms exchanging their possessions and other people’s possessions with alcohol. They may also engage in burglary, child abuse, rape, and domestic violence.

Such factors contribute significantly to the moral decay in society and similar problems. Alcoholism is a growing dangerous illness that needs medical attention. This creates competition for health care resources between alcohol abuse side effects and other life threatening conditions.

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