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Alternative Cancer Treatments

<Alternative cancer treatments are the latest rave. Like all trends of late, herbal is the way to go.  Despite massive amounts of annual expenditure on cancer research, survivability of the scourge has improved just by a few percentage points. Colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer still continue amassing hordes of victims.

Alternative Cancer Treatment

Alternative Cancer Treatment

Traditional cancer treatments have become less toxic than before, although they still serve miserable ordeals. The success of alternative cancer treatments is usually overstated or understated by their respective communities. This makes it difficult to gauge their real effectiveness. Like in many other treatments, integrating traditional and non-traditional remedies is more effective. There is hope that such holistic cancer treatments will provide  the needed progress in the fight against cancer.

Alternative Cancer Treatments and Protocols

Alternative cancer treatments have elicited many definitions. Basically they form the base of non-traditional cancer treatments. In many instances they are used to describe alternative and complementary treatments that have not met government approval standards. These may include exercise, diet, herbs, chemicals, manual procedures and devices.

Alternative Cancer Treatment

Alternative Cancer Treatment

The treatments in most instances are untested or unsupported by scientific evidence. This may be due to lack of statically significant efficacy from testing or lack of testing altogether. Some alternative cancer treatments have had concerns raised about their safety.

Typically alternative cancer treatments are contrasted with treatments under testing or experimental cancer treatments. Even the approved chemotherapeutic treatments for cancer were at one time at the experimental stage before getting approved. Testing on their safety and efficacy had to be completed conclusively.

Alternative cancer treatments can be grouped into three broad categories.

  1. Alternative treatments in conjunction with standard treatments.
  2. Alternative cancer treatments in place of standard medical treatments
  3. Alternative treatments that were proved to be unsafe or useless and thus obsolete.

Some obsolete or disapproved medicines have found their way back to the shelves where  they are promoted and sold.

Radiation therapy, Adjuvant therapy, chemotherapy and other newer targeted therapies have been developed since the 1940s. Surgical techniques for removing cancer have also been refined. Prior to these evidence based treatment techniques, up to 90 percent of cancer patients died in about 5 years. Only about 34 percent of cancer patients continue to die within 5 years as result of modern mainstream cancer treatments.

Mainstream treatments are capable of extending a patient’s life and in some cases even curing their cancer. Still, they are accompanied by unpleasant side effects some of which are fatal and no permanent cure is guaranteed. Such cancer treatment side effects and the ever present uncertainty of cure have created the need for alternative cancer treatments. These purportedly have less side effects and their survival rate is higher.

Complementary VS Alternative Cancer Treatments

Complementary and alternative cancer treatments usually fall into the same group. However, there is controversy in such grouping. Despite varying definitions, the same methods that are referred to as complementary, when given in conjunction to mainstream treatments are alternative cancer cures, or are they not?

Alternative Cancer Treatment

Alternative Cancer Treatment

In this context, it is not the medicine itself that is either complementary or alternative. Rather, it is the context in which it is used. Complementary therapies enjoy more support in the mainstream medical society compared to alternative cancer treatments.

The complimentary treatments used alongside mainstream treatments tend to be pleasant from the patients perspective. Affordable natural treatments do not involve pharmacological  substances that may harbor harmful effects. They are intended to sooth side effects rather than killing cancerous cells. Examples of complementary treatments include self hypnosis and medical massage in the treatment of pain. Though they may lack conclusive evidence, this does not disapprove the treatments proven success.

In contrast, alternative cancer treatments are used instead of mainstream treatment. Foods fights cancer, for example macrobiotic diets and other strict diets are some of the most popular alternative cancer therapies. Bio-electromagnetics, mind-body interventions, nutritional supplements and herbs or anti-cancer plants are safe natural alternatives. These treatments vary widely in popularity and prevalence from one region to another.

Current Alternative Cancer Treatments and Ongoing Research

Researchers of alternative medicine treatments currently deal with cancer patients at very advanced stages of the disease. The alternative cancer treatments they develop need to commence their effect on the cancer urgently and decisively. To illustrate one of their tactics, suppose traditional medicine allows a patient a lifespan of 3 months.

The alternative cancer treatments may be in a position to extend the 3 months into 6 months. This may be effected by a natural product which supercharges energy available in non-cancerous cells. In the process, many cancerous cells may be eliminated. This is termed as a treatment which buys time.

Alternative Cancer Treatment

Alternative Cancer Treatment

Such treatments that buy time can be very advantageous to cancer patients. They allow time for other cancer treatments to deal with the cancer and save the patient. In many instances treatments that buy time have been known to cure the patients.

Experts in alternative cancer treatments may administer one fast acting treatment with the purpose of buying time. On the other hand, they may induce other not so fast acting drugs that have a more effective overall action as a cure for cancer. Additionally, some synergy is expected from both treatments.

As a different strategy, a particular treatment may strengthen the immune system. This is necessary for a cure that is long-term. The Bill Henderson Protocol is a fine example of such a tactic. However, most alternative cancer treatments have one or additional immune builders as part of their protocol.

Telephone support is part of the more potent alternative cancer treatments. So this means that the caregiver does not have to offer expert cancer care using natural cancer treatments. All that is required of them is having the big picture in mind. Alternative cancer clinics are also available that are run by medical doctors.

Alternative cancer treatments with many protocols that serve different functions offer the best option. Some highly effective cancer treatments pre-date general chemotherapy usage. Patients that have been exposed to chemotherapy and radiation usually tend to have had more surgery. Such patients are harder to cure.

Earlier, treatments could give a 90% to 100 % rate of cure to cancer patients before chemotherapy. Such treatments can only yield about 35% to 50% rate of cure for patients that have undergo complete chemotherapy.

Nowadays unfortunately, patients are kept longer and longer under chemotherapy. By the time 20 percent of these patients die, they are still on chemotherapy. Despite the fact that alternative cancer treatments are being improved by better medicine through research, cure rates have remained low.

Cancer patients without cancer cells in their bodies have been witnessed. Their death was as a result of long term effects of radiation, chemotherapy, and/or surgery. This was after their cancer was cured. Some alternative cancer treatments may be effective on cancer especially prior to the administration of chemotherapy.

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