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Braces in Kenya

MMany youngsters just can’t wait for their first braces. Others are a little apprehensive about the prospect of having a new look. Knowing as much as possible about braces can be very beneficial. Braces straighten your teeth into proper alignment, enhancing your smile.

Braces in Kenya

Braces in Kenya

Getting your first braces in Kenya can be both an exciting and nerve wracking experience. There is a wealth of information to be considered before settling for any particular kind of braces. Because of the almost endless variety of braces available, anyone considering braces would be spoilt for choice.

Braces are specially designed devices that orthodontists use to get your teeth straightened. Conventionally, braces were fashioned from wires and metal brackets that were fitted to the teeth. These would exert a push and pull effect on the teeth until they were more preferably aligned.

The process can be time consuming as it requires constant checkups and adjustments. The final outcome of braces in Kenya is improved chewing, oral hygiene, speech and better facial aesthetics. 

Types of Braces in Kenya

A generation ago, having braces meant having your mouth filled with metal. Modern designs include  invisible braces. Even though metal is still used in many designs of braces in Kenya, clear braces and even braces matching your teeth color are now available. Some braces are even fitted behind your teeth where no one can notice.

Braces in Kenya

Braces in Kenya

The wires previously used in designing braces in  Kenya have diminished in size and are more improved. Space age materials are now used in the design of braces that provides quality care and faster results. Rubber bands that threaded between the teeth are now available in trendy color braces, like orange and black to fit the occasion.

Currently, braces in Kenya are designed to offer quicker results and more discretion. Invisalign invisible braces, In-man Aligner, Lingual Braces and 6 Month Smiles are some popular designs used today. These different designs work efficiently and discretely to deliver faster results. Tooth colored ceramic and clear plastic comprise materials used in these virtually invisible designs. The old traditional train track braces is one example of the fast disappearing brace technologies.

How Can Braces in Kenya Assist?

Orthodontics braces are helpful in correcting many dental conditions and problems. Having these conditions corrected can greatly enhance your facial aesthetics. Your speech, chewing and oral hygiene also benefit from braces in Kenya.

How your teeth bite is one common problem that can be rectified using braces in Kenya. Some resident problems addressed by braces bite correction include:

  • Open-bite: This happens when your teeth are unable to meet or lock when you bite.
  • Under-bite: The happens when the lower teeth jut out underneath the top teeth.
  • Cross-bite: Occurs when during a bite, the teeth lock on the wrong side of each other.
  • Overbite: This is when the overlap of top teeth over the bottom teeth is unusually big.
  • Over-jet: This occurs when the top teeth tend to stick out from the bottom teeth.
  • Misplaced Mid-line: When your top teeth and bottom teeth are unevenly aligned.
  • Gaps between your teeth can also be corrected using braces at an early stage.
  • Overcrowded teeth is another problem that can be addressed using braces.

Fitting in braces in Kenya can be a challenging experience. Despite the daunting task involved, the end result of having the braces fitted is nearly always worth the trouble. The retainers if worn correctly are capable of lasting as long as the teeth.

Who Else Can Get Braces in Kenya

Braces in Kenya

Braces in Kenya

Often when growing up, your teeth may not grow evenly. Many youngsters do not possess perfect teeth. This should not be a cause of concern especially judging that most kids have the same problems.

You might have crooked teeth or evenly sized upper and lower jaws. A larger upper jaw results in an overbite whereas a larger lower jaw results in an under-bite. Both of these conditions are referred to as malocclusion which simply denote a bad bite in Latin.

Braces work most effectively on adolescents because they still possess all their adult or permanent teeth. Most individuals can be fitted with braces though. Adult braces have seen the popularity of braces in Kenya rise steadily over the years.

Fitting adults with braces in Kenya is a more strenuous task than happens with teenagers. Few people can access braces through conventional insurance funds. Most people have to pay out of their pockets for the procedure. It is prudent to get more information on braces before deciding if this is your preferred avenue for straightening your teeth.

Orthodontists specialize in offering fitting services. Orthodontists possess more experience compared to dentist in straightening teeth. Orthodontists can perform more complicated procedures or treatment that dentists are not qualified to perform.

One prerequisite of orthodontic qualification is undertaking 3 years of full time specialist postgraduate training. During a regular visit to the dentist, your dentist might come across a condition that warrants special attention. He may recommend that you see an orthodontist. Orthodontists determine who needs braces in Kenya.

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  1. mary
    Aug 30, 2012

    i have a teeth problem that i would call an overbite from what i have read above. its very disturbing to always be conscious when smiling because i dont like exposing my gapped teeth. i feel like braces would go a long way to help me correct this problem and now the biggest problem is affording them because i believe its an expensive procedure. please advise.

  2. kim
    Jan 8, 2014

    hi,is it possible for one to get a sponsor for teeth alignment?i would like one

  3. Billy
    Jan 15, 2014

    Hi,i would like to have my gapped teeth aligned in order.But i would like to know the total cost of applying the invisible braces please

  4. irene wambui
    Mar 23, 2014

    Am 20 yrs can I get braces at 40000 ksh

    • Rogue
      Mar 23, 2014

      @Irene Wambui
      Yes you can. Used around 20,000 to fix my top jaw teeth. They were really crooked.I was around 19 then.. Lets say I improved my smile by about 60%. I plan to get the other 40% this year.The orthodontist who did the job was shite and money hungry. Try Kenya orthodontics, I hear they are good. Contact me for more info, smuchemy@yahoo.com

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