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Does Cocoa Butter Remove Acne Scars


Does Cocoa Butter Remove Acne Scars

Does Cocoa Butter Remove Acne Scars

Having acne is bad enough but the scars left behind can be worse. Eventually, the acne infection subsides even without medication. However, the acne scars are like a monumental reminder that stay put forever. Having the acne scars patterned all over your face can be a nightmarish experience.

Surgery can be used to as acne scar treatment, but this is an expensive option. Some home made remedies can be very helpful in scar removal. Other remedies are just myths that can worsen your acne scars quest.

So Does Cocoa Butter Remove Acne Scars?

Cocoa butter is one home made acne scar removal remedy that is highly recommended. The real question remains does cocoa butter remove acne scars?  To put it bluntly, yes it does. Cocoa butter was the chief home made remedy used by women to remove stretch marks.

This gave rise to the question, does cocoa butter remove acne scars?  Stretch marks and acne scars have similarities in relation to skin damage. Cocoa butter helps in eliminating stretch marks and acne scar discoloration.

Cocoa butter is rich in vitamin E which is healthy for your skin. Sunflower, nuts and spinach are foods that contain vitamin E. Our bodies process vitamin E rich foods and the nutrient is subsequently distributed to the skin.

The body cannot effectively process the nutrient in areas of the skin that have scars and need vitamin E to heal. The body evenly distributes vitamin E. Dabbing some cocoa butter on acne scar areas gives an extra dose of vitamin E required to heal the skin.

How Does Cocoa Butter Remove Acne Scars

So how does cocoa butter remove acne scars? People still question cocoa butter acne removal results. This is because of their sources, which include friends and online information. Cocoa butter is not a miracle portion that cures all the scars caused by acne.

Does Cocoa Butter Remove Acne Scars

Does Cocoa Butter Remove Acne Scars

Cocoa butter scar removal will not be effective if the scar is not fresh or if it is one week old. It can be applied a couple of days before the scar hardens and after the hard skin appears. Some individuals possess skin types that are allergic to cocoa butter This can worsen the acne scarring.

Ultimately, it is better to prove whether cocoa butter removes acne scars rather than remaining skeptical. Cocoa butter provides an easy acne scar discoloration option. It is the cheapest acne scar removal method available. You can buy cocoa butter based remedies at bargain prices in pharmacies and cosmetics shops, rather than making them on your own.

Cocoa butter is a substance made from the cocoa bean. It is used to make chocolate and many health care products like moisturizers. So does cocoa butter remove acne scars?  It most probably will because of its typically reputation in stretch marks removal. It comprises a natural cure. Because it is a natural substance, cocoa butter’s credibility is tenable.

Does Cocoa Butter Really Remove Acne Scars

Cocoa butter doesn’t remove scars. It can’t even improve the quality of your stretch marks. Studies have shown no difference between those who use cocoa butter and those that use regular moisturizers. Cocoa butter contain no special composition, that fades acne scars faster compared to other moisturizers.

Regular moisturizer application, results in greater scar reduction. Moisturizing reiterates the importance of improving scar skin quality and texture of skin. Regardless of the moisturizer type in use, cocoa butter is an effective moisturizer and this shows in the appearance of the scars.

Whatever acne scar treatment you settle for is upon you. It is natural and smells lively. Cocoa butter is ideal for dry skin because it is the exact opposite of  skin care products for oily skin.  Using cocoa butter on raw acne is ill-advised because it will clog the pores leading to further acne outbreaks.

Compared to other moisturizers, cocoa butter may not preferable. This is because of its negative impact on oily skin. Its benefits while moisturizing and massaging the acne scar areas to heal are very real.  This can be achieved with any moisturizer or the wonderful smell of cocoa butter and its natural origin.

Does Cocoa Butter Remove Acne Scars

Does Cocoa Butter Remove Acne Scars

Many people around the world suffer from acne scars on their skin, face, back or neck. Most of them also suffer due to the side effects of acne drugs in the market. This leaves young people in constant search of alternative acne scar treatment.

Does cocoa butter remove acne scars?  That is a question that plays on the minds of young people who have suffered from acne scars.  Keloid scars are also of great concern, though other types of scars also exist.  Dermatologists have found out that using the right kind of creams really help.

Certain creams soften the scar tissue. This promotes healing by realigning the collagen fibers . Massage is also beneficial in the healing process because it breaks up the scar tissues. Targeted information on specific creams that are effective in this process is difficult to access.

One dermatologist found out that covering the healing wound in silicone reduces its severity. Silicone is applied in sheets or used as a cream. The best time to get rid of the scar is to target it as it heals.

Some data suggests that cream may improve the appearance of scars that are already formed. There is no definite answer as to whether these creams are effective. You can defeat the formation of new pimples through self care steps. This includes washing your skin using mild face cleaner and avoiding contact with or pricking the problematic areas.

Some references to extracts might be a helpful guide to identifying some effective creams. Additional research is required to determine definitively the question.  Does cocoa butter remove acne scars?

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  1. bre
    Jul 3, 2012

    Well I was just wondering..I have acne badly on my back n chest I think I’ve had its since 7th or 8th grade IM in the 10th now I really would love to get rid of these scars I’ve tried so many products but not for long because of irritation ….bt recently I’ve read up on this product called black soap I had really wanted it badly. Acne for me has been hell and because of it I have lowself esteem to where I cry sometimes and ask god why me. Sometime to the point where I say I hate my body n I sometimes take other people comments the wrong way and cry n be upset at the world.. I begged my mama n she finally brought it n it really Burns i guess that’s because it irritates my skin ohh she also brought me this other soap it’s a 100% shea butter I’ve stop using the black soap n start using the Shea butter daily n my 100% cocoa butter stick will it work after all these years

    • me
      May 8, 2013

      please PLEASE do not use black soap i tried it and it really burned my face, so not only was i fighting acne but i also had to worry about evening out the darker/burned areas of skin. But i did use cococare’s 100% coco butter stick and it evened it all out. and for your back and chest try to purchase b&c’s skin tight products or if youre a girl birth control works!

    • Use It
      May 25, 2014

      Ambi Black Soap works the best. I had the Same problems. Then once I got the soap I used it twice a day. Used it on my face when I woke up in the mornings and right before I went to bed. Afterwards my skin felt so soft and clean even all the annoying blackheads on my nose were gone. I highly recommend this. Also, the price is unbelievable only 2$ at any dollar store. This is a MUST

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