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Cosmetic Dentistry

TTraditionally, mainstream dentistry has always been centered upon the diagnosis, treatment and prevention or oral disease. Restorative dental practices like family and general dental practices are tailored to dental problems that need necessary treatment.  The main avenue of prevention has always been through oral hygiene.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry on the other hand involves promoting the aesthetic aspects of an individuals smile, mouth and the teeth. Cosmetic dentists provide services or dental treatments tailored to the specific interests of the individual to achieve desired results. In addition, dental treatment cosmetic includes some restorative benefits.

One such possible benefit is dental fillings. It is possible to choose tooth fillings that closely match your teeth color. This enables you to improve on the appearance of your smile and teeth almost naturally. This aesthetic aspect places modern dental fillings in the category of  cosmetic dentistry.

The most common method of treating tooth decay is the use of dental fillings. In previous times, these fillings would leave dark visible marks on your teeth. This was because amalgam, gold and other materials comprised dental fillings. Nowadays, it is possible to improve your oral appearance using dental fillings. Many have replaced their old fillings with new identical tooth colored fillings.

Modern Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

The durability and predictability of cosmetic dentistry  treatment has improved over the years. This has been fueled by technological advances in authentic looking, tooth colored dental materials. Dentists now utilize cosmetic dental laboratory techniques that are more conservative than ever before. Based on your clinical condition, they are able to preserve your natural tooth structure as much as possible.

Modern dental care cosmetic applies the use of various kinds of technologies. Some cosmetic dentistry procedures may require a dentist to use laser treatment. This can be done in a dentist’s office away from specialist units or specialist referrals. The upside of such procedures is the convenience and comfort afforded to the patient. Such procedures as dentist smile world makeovers may also result in a quicker recovery time for the patient.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Indirect fillings also known as Inlays or On-lays, are used to correct structurally damaged teeth. These are very durable fillings for teeth having decay, they are made from composite materials or porcelain. In regular dental filling, the fillings are fitted into a mold within the patient’s  mouth. On-lays and inlays are fashioned in a dental lab by your dentist, then secured into place and bonded with adhesive.

Composite Bonding : decayed, discolored, broken or chipped teeth can be structurally corrected or repaired by the cosmetic dentistry procedure known as composite bonding. Dental grade composite materials that resembles dentin and enamel are poured onto the tooth surface or cavity. This is sculpted and contoured into shape, then hardened using high intensity light. The outcome is a healthy smile that blends naturally with other teeth and your individual tooth structure.

Teeth Whitening : This one of the top recommended cosmetic dentistry  procedures. Poor oral health, smoking, food and drinks such as coffee red wine and tea are the usual culprits when it comes to staining of teeth. Teeth bleaching is an effective way of achieving your Hollywood smile.

Other Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Dental Veneers: Chips and cracks on teeth can be esthetically improved using laminates made of porcelain or composite materials. These laminates can be adhesively bonded to the tooth’s surface to correct discoloration or wear of teeth. If your teeth whitening procedure has had little success, or visible gaps appear in your teeth, then dental veneers are a viable alternative. If you have dental insurance, it would be advisable to inquire if porcelain veneers teeth are covered.

Dental Implants: In the process of compensating lost teeth, an artificial tooth root is created. Dental implants or prosthetic dental replacements always improve a patient’s smile. Your face may look older because of missing teeth which cause your face to collapse. Cosmetic dentistry ensures a youthful appearance from the artificial tooth root.

Smile Makeover: In this procedure, facial muscles are assessed to improve on the aesthetics of your smile. Several teeth are involved in the lower and upper jaws. Usually a combination of cosmetic dentistry  procedures including gingival sculpting, dental implants, dental veneers and teeth whitening will be incorporated.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Full Mouth Reconstruction : A smile makeover concentrates mostly on your smiles aesthetic appearance. A full mouth makeover involves treatment necessary to correct operational malfunction with your bite, bone structure, muscles and teeth. Modern materials used by dentists in full mouth reconstruction ensures functional, durable and clinically tested natural looking results.

There are several cosmetic dentistry options for people that are not contented with their smiles. Such procedures identify specific problems and the necessary treatment. Some of these smile makeover procedures include :

  • Veneers:  This is one sound solution that provides a healthy looking smile.
  • Bonding:  These are basically white colored fillings used to repair broken teeth.
  • Lumineers:  This kind of veneers is easy to prepare, its ultra thin and is accompanied be minimum pain.
  • Gum Reshaping:  This is tailor made for gums that are uneven or a gummy smile.
  • Teeth whitening: This enables you to have a radiant dazzling smile.
  • Crowns and caps: This cosmetic dentistry procedure is suitable for fixing broken or chipped teeth.
  • Dental Implants:  If you are missing many teeth, then this should be your ideal   solution.
  • Orthodontics:  This cosmetic dentistry procedure specializes in straightening teeth using aligners and braces.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures can be a life changing operation for many patients.

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