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Dental Health Crafts


Dental Health Crafts

Dental Health Crafts

The best period that a child should gain knowledge concerning Dental health  is during the first few years. During this period, positive attitudes concerning proper dental habits can also be cultivated. When talking to the children, the benefits of maintaining healthy teeth should be mentioned.

Mention that chewing food, speaking and maintaining a beautiful smile are all possible due to healthy teeth. Having a body that is healthy includes having a healthy mouth. Some resources that include dental health crafts and activities aid children in maintaining healthy teeth.

Dental Health Crafts and Activities

Tooth brushing, flossing, taking taking tooth friendly foods and paying the dentist regular visits should form discussion topics for the children. Activities and fun dental health crafts and games keep the children focused on the principles learned. Some fun activities include rhymes, coloring of tooth pages and creating charts about brushing our teeth.

Dental Health Crafts

Dental Health Crafts

The dental health crafts and activities that can be performed are endless. Everyone can do one thing or the other depending on their level of skill and adaptability. Brushing our teeth twice everyday ensures that they remain healthy. Flossing daily and brushing teeth after taking sweet foods, snacks and drinks is also recommended.

Foods rich in calcium like yogurt cheese and milk are preferable. Crunchy foods that include apples, celery and carrots act naturally to clean our teeth.

Apart from paying the dentist regular visits, other beneficial dental health craftsand activities include reading dental story books with our children. Small mirrors can be used by children to examine their teeth and count them. It is important to animate the teeth and talk about what they need to remain healthy.

A picture or diagram of a happy tooth and a sad tooth come in handy. Suggest dental health craftslike brushing teeth, flossing and eating healthy foods that aid the teeth to remain healthy. Ask the students which type of foods the happy tooth prefers or why milk is good.

Dental health crafts should also aim at what makes the sad tooth sulky. Go ahead and let the children mention which kind of foods have made the tooth unhappy. Add that if the sad tooth continues with unhealthy tooth food, it will have decay.

Mention the foods that lead to cavities and tooth decay. Animate examples like soda, sweets, cakes and sticky candy using dental health crafts.  Have the children pair the foods into two groups, one for the sad tooth and the other for the happy tooth below each tooth.

Dental Health Crafts and Songs

Go over a short animated song or rhyme on how to brush teeth.                                            To brush my teeth I scrub on top like a bee on the flower and down like an ant on the dirt. Left l scrub and right I scrub like a hen on the grass.

With my brush and with my toothpaste. Again I scrub, slowly like tortoise not like a hare.    In the middle of the teeth I scrub. Back and front, in between, up and down.                      And I can now smile a lot because my teeth are my teeth are clean.

Let someone dress as a dentist and talk about the benefits of having healthy teeth. Healthy teeth are brushed at least twice a day. They are flossed everyday and they choose only healthy foods. For a healthy smile eat carrots, apples, plus other crunchy foods and don’t forget your milk and calcium foods.

Dental Health Crafts and Teeth Brushing Artwork

It is important to talk about how important it is about to brush after meals and after taking sugared snacks. Using a large diagram of a tooth to trace on paper of different colors like yellow, brown and gray before cutting the out. Form some toothpaste out of available paint like white paint, some glitter and your favorite flavor of tooth paste like mint.

To create a glittering tooth picture, have the children dip their brushes in the paint before brushing.  As the children continue brushing remind them to brush to and fro, up and down using the paint. Suggest to the children on how to use dental health crafts add a healthy smile decoration to the tooth. Be clear with the children that the paint should not be painted in their mouths.

Dental Health Crafts

Dental Health Crafts

Let the children look for and cut out pictures of healthy and unhealthy foods in magazines. The first collage should be of the happy tooth while the other should be of the sad tooth. Let them glue the unhealthy foods to the sad tooth and the healthy foods to the happy tooth.

Let the children make some dental health crafts of healthy smiles. Paper can be cut in the shape of little squares. These can be glued to a large smile as teeth ten bottom and ten top teeth. Let the children understand the differences between permanent teeth and baby teeth.

Inquire about those already missing some teeth. Talk about how they felt about losing their teeth. Let them Know that baby teeth preserve the space until the permanent teeth are ready, just like preserving a seat for a friend in a train. When the friend is ready to board, they leave, just like the falling off of baby teeth. Dental health crafts help to keep the children’s teeth healthy and clean.

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