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Dental Health kindergarten


Dental Health Kindergarten

Dental Health Kindergarten

If possible, the school nurse should be prepared to present a health kindergarten lesson. The importance of flossing and brushing should be discussed during dental health Kindergarten. One question the kids should answer is the consequences of not brushing and taking good care their teeth.

Proper brushing techniques should be demonstrated using teeth and mouth models. The lesson activities should include the term Plague with a clear understanding of its’ meaning explained. Also to be demonstrated by the dental health kindergarten is the flossing of the teeth. Where possible tooth brushing practice should be performed using the students own toothbrush and teeth.

Dental Health Kindergarten Cleanliness Habits

This dental health kindergarten lesson plan should be centered on the importance of hand washing before meals. A list should be made on the crucial times that students need to wash hands and take baths. Where possible the school nurse can present a lesson on hand washing and cleanliness.

Dental health kindergarten kids can make a tooth brush. Construction paper can be used to fashion the toothbrush’s handle. A folded brown paper towel can be cut into strips to form the brush.

Dental Health Kindergarten

Dental Health Kindergarten

The bottom 3 inches of a clear pop bottle when chopped and flipped over resembles a giant tooth. An old tooth brush can be used to practice brushing techniques. Some shaving cream can be used in the place of toothpaste.

Let kids students create a packet for lost teeth and draw a graph of their lost teeth. A packet shaped as an envelope can be used to collect lost teeth. Have the dental health kindergarten kids students add the lost teeth to a simple lost tooth graph.

A tooth puppet can be made out of a lunch sack. Eyes, mouth, hands and other body parts can be added to the tooth. The tooth puppet can hold a tooth brush. Kids can make tooth  cutouts  and mouths from calendar photos or magazines and stick them on a plain paper to form a smile collage.

Using a strip of paper 8 inches long, fold the paper in half and use a pair of scissors to round off the corners. Both rounded ends form the bottom and top of a marshmallow mouth. Use glue to stick marshmallows onto the rounded edges to make teeth.

Make a dramatic dental health kindergarten dentist’s station. Use white gowns and jackets, gloves and a reclining chair. Get a flashlight to examine the inside of mouths. You will need plastic cups, an appointment book and x rays of teeth. To make your own X ray diagrams, draw using permanent markers on laminating films.

Dental Health Kindergarten Spotless Glove Test

Wrap a white paper towel around one hand and leave the other hand bare. Walk around the room touching all sorts of items that are always in touch with peoples hands using both hands. As you walk around touching stuff, ask the kids to predict what will become of the white towel.

Scrutinize the white towel repeatedly as you go round the room. Note down what takes place in a notepad. Save the notes as you inquire what will also happen to the hand that is bare.

Did their predictions come to pass, go over everything step by step. Finish the exercise by making observatory remarks to the extent of dirt that could possibly collect on the hands in one entire day Conclude with the necessity of hand washing and the drawbacks of not washing hands regularly.

Dental Health Kindergarten

Dental Health Kindergarten

The bread gives us some answers. Slice a piece of bread, and go round the room touching all the stuff usually touched. Place the bread inside a sealed bag. Keep the bread under regular observation for many days.

The bread will start developing mold and bacteria culture. Have a dental health kindergarten discussion on what has become of the bread. Suggest why this aids in their comprehension of the benefits of washing hands regularly.

Apply a lot of petroleum jelly on your hands. Shake hands and touch many people. Observe what has happened to the petroleum jelly. Draw similarities between the petroleum jelly and germs.

Have a dental health kindergarten hand washing demonstration. While scrubbing your hands, talk about the importance of scrubbing in between the fingers and under the fingernails. Ensure the kids wash their hands for the required amount of time. Pick a rhyme and sing along as you wash your hands like {“in and out the bamboo forest” or “baa baa black sheep”are good examples} Apart from hand washing, practice other necessary restroom or toilet rules.

Dental Health Kindergarten Benefits and Tales

Teeth are very important for chewing our food. It would be difficult for dental health kindergarten kids even to imagine eating a carrot or apple without teeth. It would be an uphill task.

Teeth are also important for talking. When talking, our lips and tongue have to be positioned correctly to pronounce different words. Teeth provide accurate positions for tongue and lips when talking. It is very difficult to make the th and s sounds without our front teeth.

We need our teeth when smiling. Smiling expresses a happy emotion or mood. When we are happy we smile and look nice.

Baby teeth are very important to dental health kindergarten kids. Baby teeth help much by saving the space that is required for the eventual permanent teeth. This is like when a friend saves for you a seat in a bus and gets off when you are ready to board.

When eating candy, it is wise for the dental health kindergarten kids to wait until after meals. But is it better to replace the candy and biscuits with healthy snacks like carrots apples and salads. This is because candy and biscuits fill us up with sugar which weaken our teeth. Drinking a lot of soda and pop has the same effect as taking lots of candy.

After meals it is important for dental health kindergarten kids to brush their teeth. If you fail to brush regularly your teeth will turn yellowish instead of white. The teeth will begin to decay, soften up until they fall off. When a hole is in your tooth the pain can be very terrible.

To save yourself from the pain and have your face pretty with the best smile brush before your bedtime. Do not eat many sweets cakes or drinks much soda and pops. Also paying your dentist a visit before the pain comes can help you.

Healthy teeth sparkle and must stay white to remain healthy. Brushing and eating healthy is good for your teeth. Brushing removes plague that cause the tooth to decay.

Plague is sticky and made of bacteria. It is a film that is usually growing on the teeth. Millions of decaying tiny bugs form the plague. These bugs that decay on your teeth can  cause the teeth of dental health kindergarten kids to have cavities.

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