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Depression Symptoms


Depression Symptoms

Depression Symptoms

Though depression is more prevalent in adults, it also affects children. Depression diagnosis or major depression disorder has distinctive symptoms. The symptoms in adults may vary from the symptoms in children.

Depression symptoms  may include many or all the signs of grieving.  Feelings associated with grieving the death of someone you love include sad feelings, emotional and physical fatigue. These feelings are a normal part of grieving.  It is rare but possible for extended grieving to progress into depression.

Major depression diagnosis requires a patient to experience four and five of the common symptoms of depression for at least two weeks. Having your normal everyday blues is not the same as experiencing  depression symptoms.  The same applies to periodic mood phases and sadness that lasts for just a few days.

Common Depression Symptoms

  • Experiencing prolonged periods of unhappiness or sadness,

    Depression Symptoms

    Depression Symptoms

  • Feeling frustrated or getting slowed down
  • Insomnia or hyper-insomnia. This involves lack of sleep or too much sleep.  –  Sleep Apnea linked conditions may also cause lack of sleep.
  • Guilt, fatigue, difficulty concentrating , – trouble making decision or thinking straight, and retrieving memories.  –
  • Having crying spells caused by inexplicable reasons.     –
  • Variations in appetite: in most people, reduced appetite causes weight loss , while in others increased appetite may lead to weight gain.
  • One may experience physical  depression symptoms  that are difficult to explain such as backaches and headaches.
  • Fatigue may be accompanied by a loss of energy or exhaustion when undertaking small tasks which may seem like uphill tasks.
  • Restlessness or agitation characterized by pacing up and down inability to remain motionless or hand wringing.
  • Hesitation or slowness in thinking, speaking, gestures or body language.
  • Loss of interest in activities that formerly provided pleasure including sex. Low self approval , lack of self esteem, hesitation towards try out new endeavors.
  • Fixation on negative or failed outcomes,self loathing of generally feeling worthless and putting the blame on yourself.
  • Irritability may be followed by angry outbursts of anger.
  • Seasonal affective disorder tends to emerge in winter season or when there is no sunshine.
  • Thoughts of ending it all by either suicide or dying.

Depression symptoms  are different from one person to another.  Inherited aspects or traits all have an impact on how you get affected by depression .  These may include cultural background, gender and age.

Some individuals may get unhappy and miserable without realizing why. On the hand, other people may experience maniac  depression symptoms,  This involves mood swings characterized by mania phases of highs and depression phases characterized by low moods.  Severe  symptoms are unmistakable warning signs of something amiss.

Depression symptoms in Children and Teens.

Depression Symptoms

Depression Symptoms

There are many differences in  depression symptoms  between adults and children.  Some children may release pent up anger rather than cry.  Others might misbehave instead of getting sad.  –

Younger children may exhibit  depression symptoms such as irritability, hopelessness, sadness and worry.  Adolescents may avoid interacting socially with others, harbor anger and anxiety symptoms.  Children may grow unusually cranky and develop a picky attitude towards food.

Changes in thinking processes and sleeping patterns may affect both children and  adolescents.  However children do not commonly experience these symptoms.   Confidential Depression screening in children and teens may reveal mental health conditions and behavior problems.

They may include anxiety or  Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Lagging behind in school work may be an obvious indicator of depression.  However special attention by teachers in class can help the child compete with others academically.

Depression Symptoms in Older Adults

Depression Symptoms

Depression Symptoms

As adults grow older, depression does not become part of their normal lives.  There is a feeling of contentment in most senior’s lives. Nonetheless, from time to time, depression will affect older adults.  Many times, undiagnosed depression symptoms in older adults go untreated.

Many of these adults get reluctant on getting depression medication when they fall victim.   Losing appetite, having trouble sleeping fatigue and diminishing interest in sex may pass undiagnosed as  depression symptoms.  This is mainly because other illnesses may present the same symptoms.

Older adults may not have outright  depression symptoms. They may frequently have the inclination to remain at home. This may just be an avenue of avoiding social situations. They will usually be reluctant to try out new activities.

They may also harbor feelings of worthlessness or helplessness. They may also experience a general dissatisfaction with life.  Suicidal feelings or thoughts are a sign of clinical depression or severe depression. These signs in older adults should never be handled with reluctance, most of all, in older men.

The highest risk of suicide in all groups of people experiencing depression is the group of older adult men. Apart from the common depression symptoms, there are warning signs that could indicate suicidal tendencies.  The individual could appear happy or calm after having a very sad episode.

They could talk endlessly about death or think about committing suicide.  They may begin to secure loose ends like making changes in their  Will or generally securing their affairs.  Saying or using phrases like I want out, or if I wasn’t here, things would be much better.

Acting a death wish or acting recklessly. For example driving through a red light. Such behavior also includes walking recklessly through traffic.  Visiting or calling people that are dear to you . If you notice any of these signs or other  depression symptoms,  notify the relevant authority immediately.

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