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Detox Diets in Kenya


Detox Diets in Kenya

Detox Diets in Kenya

Modern food production and processing techniques contribute to toxins in the food we take. Accumulation of toxins in our bodies presents us with unnecessary health problems including the contraction of diseases. Detoxing involves the removal of harmful toxins and poisons from your body.

Detoxing helps your body improve blood circulation and repairs it’s immune system. Detox diets in Kenya prevent premature ageing and enhance the body’s other restorative powers. This contributes immensely to weight loss detox or the ability to slim down.

Accumulation of toxins in the body leads to gradual failure of the body’s vital functions. Irritable bowel syndrome is one disease that can result in a body overrun with toxins. Other organs in the body that suffer as a result of accumulation of toxins are the liver, kidneys and the lymph glands.

Designing Detox Diets in Kenya

Detox diets in Kenya should include organic food and drinks, grown without the aid of pesticides and herbicides. Whole grain meals and unprocessed foods should also be included. A high mix of vegetables and fruits is recommended. For seasoning use herbs like licorice root, Yucca root, milk thistle seed, and gentian roots.

Because of their amount of additives certain supplements should be avoided while on detox diets in Kenya. Beans and lentils have excellent nutritional properties. In addition, grilled chicken, turkey, brown rice and steamed vegetables are effective detox diets in Kenya. They are not only excellent fat flush diets, but they also flush out toxins from our bodies.

When on a detox diets in Kenya, you should drink about 2 liters of water everyday. Drink 500 ml of water with half a lemon as soon as you wake up in the morning. Lemon accelerates your digestive enzymes. Avoid alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and drugs.

Simplify your breakfast to one apple, pear or banana. After about 15 to 30 minutes, take 1 or 2 cups of buckwheat, brown rice, millet, quinoa or amaranth. The short delay enables active digestive enzymes in the fruits to be activated in the body. Due to cases of congestion and poor digestion, it may be advisable to avoid corn, oats, rye and wheat.

Preferably, simmer or boil your grain and add a little butter. Cool and drink the vegetable water to boost your fluid content. It is advisable to Compliment your detox diets in Kenya with 100 to 200 grams of selenium supplements . These supplements are rich in multivitamins and antioxidants that fight free radicals produced during detoxification.

Detox Diets in Kenya

Detox Diets in Kenya

Combine your detox diets in Kenya with flexible outdoor exercise routines for fresh air. You could walk, swim, jog or cycle twice for 30 minutes or have 4 sessions of 15 minutes each. Exercise aids in blood and lymph circulation. It also stimulates the sweat glands responsible for elimination of toxins through sweat.

Tuna, sword fish and seafood may contain mercury, lead and other heavy metals. Generally other fish form a beneficial addition in your detox diets in Kenya. Mercury is a common heavy metal found in our bodies. It can lead to various diseases.

Chemical pollution is present in water, air, land and the general environment we live in. This contributes to the toxin levels in our bodies. These toxins get lodged in fat cells and are stored in your body. It is prudent to drink filtered or spring water as part of your detox diets in Kenya.

Tape worms and other parasites also contribute to toxins in your body. Tapes worms lodge themselves in human intestines and use their host as a fat resource. It is very important to be careful when handling raw food especially animal products. You should ensure your meals are properly cooked before consumption.

Severe yeast infection in the gut can be a cause of massive craving for sugar and carbs. Though these conditions can cause distress, you can take control and rid your body of toxins. Detox diets in Kenya are invaluable aids for colon cleansing and liver cleansing.


Lose Weight with Detox Diets in Kenya

Have you exercised, watched your diet and kept striving to achieve your weight loss goals for what seemed like an eternity? Sometimes losing some weight only to regain it almost immediately? The culprit most often is the toxins in your body. Toxins inhibit your weight loss efforts.

Toxins colonize fats cells and force your body to keep the fat cells. When you try to slim, you work against your body. The toxins hold you hostage and make it very difficult for you to lose weight. In case you succeed in losing some weight, the toxins are left floating around, posing other risks to your optimal health.

Toxins cause you to be addicted to food. They fuel your sugar and carb craving, causing you to store fat. These toxins reduce your metabolism and interfere with your hormones.

Your body is in built with mechanisms to get rid of toxins. The liver, colon, kidneys, skin  and lungs all contribute in one way or another to eliminate toxins. Accumulation of toxins in the body reaches a level when the toxins are overloaded. Such excess accumulation is impossible for the body to offload.

These toxins are even stored in the liver mostly as fats. Toxins and metabolic waste live in fat cells. Detox diets in Kenya can help in liver cleansing. Toxins hold your body hostage, so your body ends up retaining the fat because it has nowhere to store the toxins. Your body ends up working twice as hard to lose half as much weight.

Benefits of Detox Diets in Kenya


Detox Diets in Kenya

Detox Diets in Kenya

Detox diets in Kenyahelp you to prevent diseases associated with both the toxins and the unhealthy fats accumulated in the body. These diets help to lower you cholesterol, regulating your blood sugar levels. Removal of toxins helps to increase your life expectancy.

These diets also crank up your metabolic engine. This leads to continuous fat burning which results in elimination of toxins. Toxins leave the body with the fats and through the skin with your sweat.

As a result of using detox diets in Kenya, your skin is able to repair its damages. Even without the use of pills creams and lotions, your skin is bound to glow. This makes your skin regain its former youthfulness.

The youthfulness extends beyond just your skin. These diets also restore your long lost energy. You are able to kill worms, bacteria and other parasites that compete for your nutritional resources.

A high self esteem is one benefit that everyone could use now and then. It certainly fells good to buy new clothes of your preferred size. Detox diets in Kenya can definitely help you change your eating habits

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  1. Anonymous
    Sep 14, 2011

    This is very valuable information. Detox is very useful in staying healthy. However, I believe in staying healthy all the time. It is good to know what to take in and the effects that it will have so that every time you plan to eat, you know the effects it will have on your body. Great article.

  2. Smile Kenya
    Sep 15, 2011

    Very useful, am not a health freak but i can do with some advice, what are the local alternatives for detoxification, i have never heard of some of the things you mentioned, i will keep checking to see future updates.

  3. Patty
    Sep 16, 2011

    Nice article for those of us keen on watching our waist lines this is very useful. Did you know that weight complicates conception for many women? i have a friend struggling i will forward this article to her. Thanks.

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