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Exercises During Pregnancy in Kenya


Exercises During Pregnancy in Kenya

Exercises During Pregnancy in Kenya

Due to old perceptions, many women tend to over relax and take it easy during pregnancy. They also take to eating richer foods rather than eating healthy diets. Others may also decide to eat more than usual, in the premise that they eating for themselves and the unborn baby.

Obesity from the first month of pregnancy has its own disadvantages. Apart from the dangers of high blood pressure and gestational diabetes it has other side effects. The excess fatty tissue around the abdomen may inhibit the expansion of the uterus. As the pregnancy progresses, great pressure is exerted on the waste eliminating organs, like the bladder and bowels by the expansion of the uterus.

Misconceptions such as the mother resting to save energy for her hour of labor ,and eating double portions for herself and the unborn baby should be avoided. These contribute heavily towards excess weight. The truth is, a normal sensible pattern of eating, regular physical activity and mild exercises benefits the mother.

These exercises during pregnancy in Kenya, should be sustained late into pregnancy. This facilitate a comfortable and normal delivery of a healthy baby. Some women may experience weight loss after child birth, while others continue gaining weight and being obese for the rest of their lives. Reasons attributable to obesity after child birth may vary from one woman to another.

Tips and Exercises During Pregnancy in Kenya

The mother might be deprived of normal activities or exercises after childbirth following complications or lack of a normal delivery. This prevents the uterus from shrinking back into its normal size resulting in gradual distention of the abdomen. Consumption of additional nourishment in this state leads weight  gain due to poor digestion.

Other pregnant women will continue gaining weight steadily due to consumption of fatty and starchy foods. This may be due to the assumption that feebleness caused by labor can only be replenished by rich diets. Lack of regular exercises during pregnancy in Kenya leads to weight gain, especially if the mother takes a prolonged rest after pregnancy.

Exercises During Pregnancy in Kenya

Exercises During Pregnancy in Kenya

Mild exercises during pregnancy in Kenya should be maintained late towards and even after delivery. Mild postnatal exercises are necessary for the uterus to shrink back to its normal and original size. Weight gain makes it more difficult to sustain meaningful regular exercises, especially if the woman is obese.

Women who use contraceptive devices on a regular basis are very likely to gain weight or become obese. Those drugs contain hormones that contribute to weight gain. Oral contraceptives and other form of contraceptives lead to weight gain.

Pelvic Floor Exercises During pregnancy in Kenya

Whenever you sing, walk,  run, dance and even breath, your pelvic muscles are put in use. The pelvic floor muscles take control when halfway through urinating ,you hold the urine. They are  also engaged when you are just about to do something physical. In all these instances there is a tightening that you feel in your lower abdominal area, the pelvic floor.

Because many of us are not aware of the pelvic floor muscles, these important exercises during pregnancy in Kenya are always overlooked. You will find women in the gym performing all manner of exercises, including strength training exercises, except the pelvic floor exercises.

Exercises During Pregnancy in Kenya

Exercises During Pregnancy in Kenya

The pelvic floor is a set of muscles that form a hammock shape right in front of the opening of the pelvis. Together with their surrounding tissue these muscles are responsible for keeping the pelvic organs in shape. Apart from keeping the bladder, the uterus and the rectum in shape, strong pelvic floor muscles also contribute to their proper functioning.

Many who perform exercises during pregnancy in Kenya overlook this important exercise. The simple reason  pelvic floor exercises miss in many prenatal exercise programs is because the pelvic floors existence or awareness is still low. Weak pelvic floor muscles contribute to poor sexual health by significantly reducing sensitivity during sex.

Incontinence, the condition that results in urine leakage from the bladder can be a big source of stress or even embarrassment. Pregnancy, though a major initiator of  incontinence, is not the only time the condition manifests itself. The problem can affect women and men of all ages.

Pelvic floor tone begins to deteriorate early, in some women, as early as teenage. However, this deterioration is only noticed during pregnancy and after delivery. Chronic coughs, constant heavy lifting, being overweight or obese and a  low level of fitness all contribute to weakness in the pelvic floor muscles.

Benefits of Exercises During Pregnancy In Kenya

The goods news is that even non invasive exercises and body toning  can lead to great results. Most of these effective exercises are easy and inexpensive to do for almost anyone. These exercises during pregnancy in Kenya efficiently rectify the problem once you accept that it is not too late and all is not lost. You can restore your pelvic floor tone.

There are many advantages of doing these kind of exercises. Pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy in Kenya eliminate those love handles, leaving you with a flat well toned tummy. Apart from their effectiveness as a relief from chronic pain, they rid you of incontinence and constipation. Pelvic organ dysfunction sufferers will also gain a measure of relief from these exercises.

Some of the added benefits of these exercises during pregnancy in Kenya is improving your posture. As with many exercises,  getting started is usually the hardest part. It may take a few repetitions before you feel the sensations in your pelvic region. Many new mothers are able to tighten their abdomen, and strengthen their pelvic floor easily in a short time.

  • Start the exercise by first locating your pelvic muscles. The quickest way to do this, is by cutting short or holding back your urine, half way through urinating.
  • Try to build endurance in your pelvic floor by squeezing and contracting your muscles. Maximize your concentration and hold your contractions for 10 seconds and release. Repeat the contractions as many times as possible.
  • The third stage in this exercise involves building strength in your pelvic floor. Just like in the second stage, contract and release the muscles, this time aiming for faster and more powerful contractions.

This exercise can be performed almost anywhere, in your desk, or even on the way home. Like all exercises, persistence and consistency are the key to achieving results. Try to do the exercises during pregnancy in Kenya 5 or 6 times a week, with at least one or two days of rest.

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