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False Teeth in Kenya

TThe Japanese were the first to develop full dentures using wood. The type of wood was known as Japanese box or buxus microphylla. The use of wooden teeth continued in Japan until the close of the 19th century.

False Teeth in Kenya

False Teeth in Kenya

In Europe, ivory and precious metals were used as dental repair products and false teeth designs. This trend was to persist up to the close of the 18th century. The first porcelain teeth were manufactured from porcelain paste distributed by the Wedge-wood company.

It was not until the 19th century that the porcelain dentures could be mounted on gold plates. Acrylics were only used to design complete false teeth in the 20th century. Some dental procedures may involve replacing all the teeth while other categories of dentures repair or replace missing tooth.

Dentures or cosmetic false teeth fill in as substitutes for broken or replace missing teeth. Apart from their cosmetic role, they also serve to restore chewing ability and proper speech. False teeth in Kenya play a cardinal role of maintaining the remaining teeth in their normal positions.

This ensures your facial muscles hold in the same position to maintain your appearance. Maintaining the current shape of your face leaves you looking younger. False teeth in Kenya also distribute the impact upon food, when you bite.

Complete false teeth in Kenya

Complete  false teeth in Kenya  are utilized when all the teeth on the upper or lower jaw are absent. Alternatively, partial dentures can be used to replace some segments that are missing teeth. Complete dentures can be categorized as conventional or immediate. Immediate dentures are fashioned before tooth extraction and are installed there and then.

False Teeth in Kenya

False Teeth in Kenya

Conventional dentures can be installed 8 to 12 weeks after tooth extraction to allow the gums time to heal. Immediate dentures offer short term solutions to avoid going toothless during the healing period. One downside to the immediate dentures is that the gum usually shrinks during healing as it fills up the vacancy left by the tooth.

Removable dentures that utilize dental bridges are known as partial dentures. These have a base structure of plastic in the color of your gums. The denture is held in place by a metal framework connected to the denture. On either side of the absent tooth or teeth, crowns can be used to have the bridge permanently fixed.

Dental adhesive is used to attach the false teeth bridge to the crown of the teeth abutment. Internal attachments can also be wired to removable partial dentures to secure them in place instead. These replacements are necessary to aid in speech and leave your face looking years younger.

About fifty years ago it was not uncommon to find senior citizens of  65 years and above missing all their teeth following tooth decay. Modern dentists are more hesitant when it comes to tooth removal and are more intent on saving teeth whenever possible. Available information on tooth decay has also drastically reduced the number of patients missing all their teeth.  False teeth in Kenya  are of great aid when it comes to chewing food

The Cost of False Teeth in Kenya

Different locations charge different rates for   false teeth in Kenya.  Charges are dependent upon quality and configuration of the false teeth in Kenya. It is not always easy to determine how much the  false teeth cost.

If you need your teeth to be pulled out, an extraction fee will be required. Some false teeth in Kenya come with a guarantee. This will be costlier than the basic dentures design which come with attachments that aid to have them in place.

Dental bridges exist in three categories. Maryland bonded bridges, cantilever bridges and the traditional bridges are used. Traditional bridges use metal or ceramic, shaped into a tooth crown. These are cemented on the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth.

If the missing tooth or teeth has only one side that teeth still exist, then the cantilever bridge is used. The resin bonded bridge that is also referred to as the Maryland bonded bridge is fashioned out of plastic gums and teeth. These are supported internally using a structure that is  metallic. This bridge has both sides flanked by metallic wing structures that easily attach to the adjacent teeth.

When designing false teeth in Kenya, the patients bite is cast into a model known as the dental impression. Teeth designed from acrylic exist in different colors shapes and sizes. It is the acrylic teeth that the dentist uses to fashion dentures that match the rest of the teeth.

After they have been fitted, the dentures usually need adjustments. The process involved in the manufacture of false teeth in Kenya is not always easy. These adjustments are necessary for the patient to achieve maximum utility and comfort. Consequently general dentists usually refer patients to orthodontists to get their dentures. Orthodontists are the kind of dentists that are more specialized in fashioning dental prosthetics.

Cosmetic false teeth in Kenya

False Teeth in Kenya

False Teeth in Kenya

Fitting false teeth in Kenya is among the quickest ways to change the shape of ones face. Hence false teeth tend to be indispensable as part of an actors costume. The make up artists greatest hurdle is always to ensure that teeth do not hinder proper speech.

Make up special effects artist will use the same technique as a dentist to form a dental impression of the actors teeth. This is then modeled and fashioned as a new set of teeth to match the character. Adding color is the final stage of preparation. usually some teeth discoloration will suffice to add realism.

A desire for facial improvement should never be the basis for total tooth removal. A misconception about replacing all natural teeth with dentures is ill advised. It is not recommended to have tooth removal purely for cosmetic considerations.

Dentures are not as effective as natural teeth when it comes the chewing power on food. Prevention is always the best medicine. This is true because false teeth in Kenya will always be there when the need arises.

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