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Fibromyalgia Pain


Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia pain  arises from a very complex pain disorder. The pain exhibits different characteristics in different patients.  Psychological, physical and social factors all contribute to this pain. However, their influence on pain is usually very difficult to explain.

Research findings in the past have linked multiplicity of localized fibromyalgia pain to negative moods. These variables can significantly predict clinical pain in patients undergoing fibromyalgia treatment. One common complaint in fibromyalgia patients is lack of quality sleep.

Research findings have revealed the connection between interrupted sleep and clinical pain the following day. This has been observed even in patients experiencing other pain conditions. Even in healthy adults, the duration of sleep has the potential to forecast clinical pain.  Aspects linked to poor quality sleep include inactivity and chronic fatigue syndrome. These have a stronger bearing on chronic  fibromyalgia pain  than merely the duration of sleep or insomnia. 

Fibromyalgia Pain Symptoms

Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia Pain

Given that fibromyalgia is a difficult disease to diagnose, no test has be devised to confirm it. The condition does not produce similar symptoms in any two different women. Memory problems, sleep interferences, fatigue, depression and  fibromyalgia pain are some similar fibromyalgia basics. Fibromyalgia can easily pass for other conditions including rheumatoid arthritis and mononucleosis. It is easy for doctors to misdiagnose the condition and downplay complaints from women.

Musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue is a chronic problem that is common in fibromyalgia syndrome patients. This pain usually exhibits a severity that is waxing and sometimes waning. Fibromyalgia pain is a condition that has no acceptable standard cure. Based on current research, this is expected to be a lifelong condition for most patients. However, appropriate fibromyalgia treatment can ease chronic fibromyalgia pain and offer patients general improvements.

Fibromyalgia Pain Facts

Fibromyalgia pain is never the early symptoms or phase of a more serious condition such as systemic lupus, erythematous or multiple sclerosis. This has always been a concern for both physicians and patients. If such a combination of problems exist, it is very critical for your doctor to detect it.

Any specific lupus or rheumatoid arthritis therapy or other therapies will not have any effect on fibromyalgia pain.  Patients under long-term observation have shown a strong unlikelihood to develop other neurological conditions or rheumatic diseases. Interestingly, patients with other established rheumatic diseases like lupus, sjogren’s syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis usually also develop fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia pain syndrome does not cripple it victims. No tangible evidence supports the fact that fibromyalgia affects a patient’s life expectancy. However, various degrees of fatigue and pain inevitably constrain social and vocational activities. These aspects have the capacity to drastically limit a patient’s quality of life.

Fibromyalgia pain and other similar chronic disease patients will occasionally succumb to the effects of pain and fatigue.  Multiple considerations determine to what extent they will succumb.  These include their financial status, psycho-social support, sense of humor, childhood experiences and their determination to proceed.

Fibromyalgia Pain Management

Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia Pain

There are multiple fibromyalgia pain management techniques recommended by health professionals.  Fibromyalgia treatment diets that offer pain relief to sufferers are available. These diet plans should be strictly be adhered to for them to bear positive results. Fibromyalgia syndrome patients require sufficient quantities of animal based proteins. Foods such as fish, chicken, beef, pork and eggs should be consumed on a regular basis.

These proteins assist in healing damaged muscles thereby offering pain relief. Proteins also provide the body with sufficient quantities of amino acids. Amino acids are critical in the repair of severely damaged muscles. The body’s general healing process also requires these nutrients.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are also an integral part of fibromyalgia symptoms treatment. Foods that contain less starch are preferable. Such vegetables could include mushrooms, onions, cucumbers, turnips and cauliflower.

Such fresh vegetables when consumed regularly can have a great impact on chronic pain.   These vegetables boost the body’s immunity. They are also rich in special compounds that are invaluable in fibromyalgia pain management.

Fresh fruits on the other hand are rich in nutrients.  These nutrients boost the body’s natural defense mechanisms. Fruits form an essential part of any  fibromyalgia pain  management diets. This is because they keep other diseases at bay and boost your natural immunity.

Essential oils and natural fats play a vital role in easing chronic fibromyalgia pain.  Healthy fats perform an essential role in the process of cell repair. Apart from promoting the health of your brain, these oils promote the process of recovery in patients. Natural fats have a strong track record in various patients and are highly recommended. Some sources of these oils include olive oil, butter, avocado and coconut.

Foods that are high in preservatives and additives should be avoided. While additives can be detrimental to a patients health, preservatives can equally worsen the condition. A diet rich in sweeteners also has to the capacity to hinder the patients efforts of recovery. A variety of fresh foods is the best bet for this condition. Fruits have the potential to sooth chronic pain.

Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia Pain

One variety of vegetables that can hinder recovery is the nightshade plant. Some medical experts have been conducting tests with the hope of linking some plants to this ailment. Some of these vegetables include tomatoes, pepper and eggplant.

These vegetables are believed to trigger chemicals that lead to symptoms of fibromyalgia. One method of symptoms management for patients is to avoid meals that contain tomatoes. This management approach has yielded great results for some patients.

High carbohydrate foods are not recommended for fibromyalgia patients. Consuming these meals may have serious health ramifications. These patient’s bodies may also possess poor digestive capabilities. Patients under fibromyalgia treatment diets should limit their serving sizes of carbohydrates.

Yeast has a harmful effect on these patients. This means they should keep off all fermented foods. Experts believe that there is a connection between yeast and this condition.

Junk food should also be controlled or axed all together. Junk food can trigger these symptoms. A  fibromyalgia pain management diet is recommended for patients.

Patients should promote their general body fitness through consumption of healthy diets. Some foods have been proven to complicate the condition. Other foods simple aggravate fibromyalgia pain.

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