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Good Skin Care in Kenya


Skin Care in Kenya

Skin Care in Kenya

Being the largest organ in the body the skin has several functions. The skin helps to regulate body temperatures. It also protects us from external infections.  It provides sensory information about our environment that is crucial to our well being and survival.

The skin acts as a receptor as well as a manufacturer of vitamin D, obtained directly from the sun. Good skin care in Kenya assists the skin in ridding our bodies of toxins mainly through sweat. The skin which is always exposed, acts as a vital organ in sexual attraction.

With good skin care in Kenya, the skin plays not only a vital role as a display for sexual attractiveness, but also boosts personal confidence. These important roles means certain conditions can be very traumatic. Conditions such as acne, pimples and vulgaris infections can also create unnecessary stress.

The Stresses of Good Skin Care in Kenya

Acne vulgaris is an infection of the sebaceous or oil glands in the skin. These glands secrete sebum that is responsible for oily skin. Oily skin provides fertile ground for development of acne. The are sebum is a kind of fat the keeps the skin supple and elastic and also helps in water proofing the skin.

Sebum results in greasy skin, which facilitating acne development acne. The face, shoulders, chest and back have the highest concentration of sebum glands. This is why the formation of pimples is always quicker on these areas. Acne is mainly caused by the

overproduction of the male hormone androgen.

Androgen aids in the enlargement of the sebaceous glands, making them produce more sebum. Androgen levels reach their peek during puberty. Adolescent boys generally experience higher levels androgen than girls.

Acne Tips For Good Skin Care in Kenya

Hormonal imbalances in women can also lead to acne or pimple outbreak in older women. Acne development commences when the passage through which the sebum reaches the skin is blocked. Without good skin care in Kenya, bacteria infection in the area then gives way to pimple formation.

Skin Care in Kenya

Skin Care in Kenya

It is impossible to cure acne. However, acne treatments are designed to control the rate of infection. This gives the skin time to heal and good skin care in Kenya enables the scars to fade. Many acne treatments on offer in the market involve low doses of antibiotics. These are spread on the skin over a long duration of time to tame or slow down the infection.

Oral Birth control pills or contraceptives diminish the size and secretions of the sebaceous glands. Some brands in the drug market are designed to counter the action of androgen. The androgen is considered the chief  underlying cause of acne.

Home remedies for acne like tea tree oil, are a major aid in the fight against mild or moderate acne. Tea tree oil has antibacterial qualities capable of killing the particular bacteria responsible for most acne infections. This combined with good skin care in Kenya quickly clears the presence of bacteria on the affected area.

One major advantage of oily skin is being able to remain younger for longer. This is despite the fact that it may provide a fertile ground for the development of acne. Trying to strip the oil off the skin may actually worsens the condition by causing the glands to go into overdrive.

Oil based cleaning products which dissolve the sebum and oil free moisturizers offer good skin care in Kenya. Acne is a condition that affects everyone, it can persist well into adulthood. Popping or picking the pimples aids in the spread of bacteria, increasing the infection.

During sleep the skin repairs itself. The most important hours for good skin care in Kenya are the hours slept before midnight. Skin cell division doubles when you are sleeping. Pimple scars heal best at night, so this is the best time to use skin care products including tea tree oil to get the best results.

Nightly use products designed for uneven skin is recommended for good skin care in Kenya. During the day, the suns ultra violet rays interfere with the remedial action of the skin therapies. Fade creams should be applied for not less than 8 weeks during the night. Sun screen should be used during the day even after overnight application, especially on individuals with lighter skins.

Night skin care also works well with anti ageing skin products. Enriched creams should be applied around the arms, neck, hands and face for anti ageing skin treatment. Vitamin E and special oils compliment the function of night creams, in night skin treatments.

Smoking and Good Skin Care in Kenya

Heavy smokers are five times more likely to develop wrinkles on their skins than non smokers. Constant contractions around the muscles of the mouth when smoking leads to the development of wrinkles around mouth. Smokers tend to pucker their mouths when puffing on cigarettes.

Skin Care in Kenya

Skin Care in Kenya

Smoking causes your skin to age prematurely, it leads to a dry skin. Dry skin looses its suppleness and flexibility  as a result it wrinkles easily. The smoking effect is more pronounced on women than in men, so they develop the Smokers Face faster.

Smoking increases the carbon monoxide levels in the blood which spurs the formation of free radicals. Free radicals in the body damage the cell DNA. This results in stress and other diseases.

Smoking restricts the flow of blood to the capillaries. This curtails the supply of nutrients and oxygen carried by the blood from reaching the skin. This results in dull and undernourished skin.

Smoking increases the productions of harmful enzymes. These enzymes breakdown the supply of collagen to the skin. Collagen is important to the skin as it contributes to the  skins elasticity and suppleness.

Cigarettes are the most addictive substance, or perhaps a close second to heroin. The nicotine in heroin is more addictive to women. This makes it more difficult for women to stop smoking.

Nicotine causes the constriction of blood vessels which reduces the supply of oxygen to the skin and other tissues. This delays healing of wounds exposing one to health problems. Other health problems associated with smoking include bronchitis,  lung cancer, and pneumonia. Smoking is also associated with the early onset of menopause in women.

Smoking depletes the body’s vital stores of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a vital antioxidant for health and skin protection. It is also involved in the synthesis of collagen. Smoking also depletes the body’s stores of vitamin A. Vitamin A provides the necessary protection to damaged skin.

The good news is that if you stop smoking today, you stop the infliction of further damage to your skin. Your skin stops the rapid rate of ageing. Your skin will look better with a little aid from anti ageing products and good skin care in Kenya.

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