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Healthy Skin Anti-Ageing Cream


As we delve deeper into the digital age more healthy skin anti-ageing creams are being developed.  The skin care world seems to keep up pace with technological advancements. Newer discoveries keep pushing up the possibilities with additional benefits.


A new collagen boosting healthy skin anti-ageing cream promising amazing results recently hit the market! Imagine getting the benefits of plastic surgery or even the more modern wrinkle relaxation injections without any intrusive procedure. Better still having access to all this at the comfort of your home. No trip to the clinic or downtime needed to recover afterwards.


The depletion of collagen has been linked to many detrimental skin ageing signs. This essential protein is vital in bones, skin, teeth and many other body organs. After the age of 30 collagen reserves begin to decline. The Collagen molecule being larger than average presents a puzzle for direct skin absorption.

As many of us are aware, gravity also impacts a lot of pressure on our facial skin. Eventually, we acquire drooping eyelids and saggy jaw skin. To slow down these realities of life, it makes sense to start an effective skin care routine in good time.

Healthy skin anti-ageing Kollagen Intensiv cream is easy to apply. You soon notice that you don’t need additional skin products for moisturizing, eye detail, lip care etc. it’s a real one stop product for all your skin care needs. Youthful looking skin can be best regained with a combination of healthy nutrition, relaxation and exercise.

Kollagen Intensiv® Cream is very convenient. You only have to apply it on your skin twice a day. The laser skin therapies in comparison, work by stimulating collagen production through the use of infrared light. This may render them less effective on facial skin. In contrast Kollagen Intensiv® Cream is formulated using patented peptides which stimulate natural collagen production in the body.

Healthy skin anti-ageing Kollagen Intensiv cream is an innovation that has the potential for spectacular results. Compared to the laser skin therapies which are less intrusive than surgery, you only pay a fraction of the cost. Wrinkles are the most dreaded sign of ageing. This explains why wrinkle reduction, crow’s feet and laugh lines removal still remain the top procedures in skin care clinics.

Healthy skin anti-ageing Kollagen Intensiv cream is easy to apply. You’ll soon notice that you don’t need additional skin products for moisturizing, eye detail etc. it’s a real one stop product for all your skin care needs. Youthful looking skin can be best regained with a combination of healthy nutrition, relaxation and exercise.

How Healthy Skin Anti-Ageing Kollagen Intensiv Cream Works

Maintaining an active lifestyle and having sufficient time for relaxation may be relatively achievable. However, the stuff that goes into our bodies is usually harder to monitor even with meticulous scrutiny. It is for this very reason that supplements were invented. Healthy skin anti-ageing Kollagen Intensiv cream provides all vital vitamins, peptides, acids and other vital nutrients for youthful skin nourishment.

Alternative methods such as laser skin therapy may stimulate collagen production for up to three months. The therapy therefore needs to be repeated every three months. Kollagen Intensiv is a cool trade off since it stimulates natural collagen production that builds up and takes off eventually. Deep wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and thinning skin get readily reversed with collagen.

Improves Skin Elasticity Fibers

Green Tea Leaf Extract and Hyaluronic Acid are formulated into the Kollagen Intensiv® Cream. These are vital ingredients in containing the breakdown of collagen and elastin which boost skin elasticity. Elastin, a protein that also supports the skin structure produces a plumper effect that clears fine lines and other signs of ageing.

Stimulates your (NMFs) Natural Moisturizing Factors

The light spectrum contains harmful rays that cumulatively damage our skin over time. The resulting dark sun spots, fines lines and rough texture eventually show on our skin. Kollagen Intensiv® Cream contains vital UV screening ingredients like Tocopherol. This antioxidant offers protection against free radicals and photoageing damage.

Palmitol Oligopeptide is an amino peptide that mimics the production of collagen. At a cellular level, it facilitates speedy skin repair from small scars and wrinkles as collagen production rises.

Reduces the natural formation of wrinkles

When left out in the sun, items like rubber tend to harden and crack. A similar phenomenon called Glycation affects our skin contributing to more wrinkles.

Kollagen Intensiv® contains ingredients like SYN®-COLL,  that mitigate such effects. This topical peptide spurs collagen levels naturally. Fine lines and wrinkles are filled out within months of application. Thus your skin tone and elasticity are improved.

Gluconolactone and Cyclopentasiloxane are also vital ingredients of Healthy skin anti-ageing Kollagen Intensiv cream. Apart from boosting skin hydration levels these ingredients also plump the skin for a supple youthful look.

Anti-Inflammatory ingredients

Some ingredients that reduce skin inflammation in  healthy skin anti-ageing Kollagen Intensiv  cream include Shea-Butter, Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide. Reducing skin inflammation is an important step in preventing signs of ageing. The skin is also protected from sagging wrinkling and the breakdown of collagen that robs us of youthful skin contouring.

Improves Skin Smoothness

Another important step to looking youthful is smoothing your skin. This has the effect of fading off wrinkles and fine lines. Kollagen Intensiv comes loaded with Shea-Butter and Soybean Oil which are two ingredients that are rich in natural fats. Soybean oil particularly aids the skin in its ability to heal and to soak in Vitamin E and sterolins. Vitamin E is essential in enhancing the smoothness of skin.

Do signs of ageing deflate your self-esteem and dampen your enthusiasm Then I’d say go for the  healthy skin anti-ageing cream. Purchasing the cream on the official website has the added advantage of a money back guarantee of not 30 or 60 days but 67 days. Using other outlets such as Amazon, the refund and stocks may not be guaranteed.

The official website has special discounted bundle offers and complimentary gifts. Savings range from 7.5 % savings on 3 month bundle of $154.95 to the 6 month bundle $289.95 etc. Single month bundle costs $59.95 All purchases of the healthy skin anti-ageing cream are accompanied by gift cards or special washcloths.


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