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Laser Hair Removal Side Effects


Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Due to the growing popularity of laser hair removal, it would appear as though its side effects are not quite severe, and everything falls into place in time. In matters of hair texture and skin sensitivity individuals can be as different as day and night. While some individuals may get away with mild side effects, others may suffer adverse reactions. It pays to keep yourself well informed, from internet sources and friends with similar experiences.

Perhaps you considered the similar electrolysis hair removal technique before settling on laser hair removal. Electrolysis offers permanent hair removal because it thoroughly combs through to each hair follicle. However, it is more time consuming and its expensive.  Laser hair removal benefits includes it quickness. It covers a much broader skin area in a short time and it tackles multiple hair follicle at a go.

The procedure uses concentrated light that penetrates the skin down to the hair follicles. Pigment in the hair follicles absorbs this light, destroying the hair contained in the follicle. This technique offers a viable option for tweezing, waxing and shaving. It provides reprieve from nicks, burns and bumps especially if you want smooth skin.

There exists many side effects that you can potentially get from the laser hair

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

removal treatment. These laser hair removal side effects are more likely to be temporary rather than permanent. Though temporary, some of these side effects can take weeks or even months to subside. Others will only take a few days to resolve.

Temporary Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Pain: Laser hair removal side effects  include pain. This can be experienced during and even after the procedure. The clinic supplies local anesthesia and other agents that relieves discomfort during the operation. Pain killers can be used to relieve pain following the operation and applying ice aids the skin to numb better. Your doctor will be in a better position to advise you on the drug options available.

Swelling: The likelihood of swelling around the treated area is high. The risk of swelling increases depending on the particular area under treatment. Your medical practitioner will possibly prescribe some topical medications to relieve this side effect.

Redness: Other than pain, redness is one of the minor  laser hair removal side effects  that clears in about 3 days. If the red area is on your face or a more noticeable area, this may create a problem. Your doctor should prescribe a topical treatment to subdue the condition.

Blistering: Of all the  laser hair removal side effects,  this is the most noticeable, embarrassing and painful. If blisters cause you unprecedented embarrassment, then find a solution to minimize your public appearances. This may make it more bearable.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Hyper-pigmentation: Some  laser hair removal side effects  involve darkening of the skin around the treated region. There might not be a readily available solution to mask this effect. In case the area happens to be on your face, you may need to deal with it creatively. Dealing with similar possible risks may require the use of an appropriate laser type that is set accurately. The settings should be correspond to specific skin type and area of treatment.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

The possibility of having long-term  laser hair removal side effects is very real. Permanent epidermal damage is a risk that you might have to consider. If not, then you could settle for less permanent, more expensive or more painful remedies for unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Skin discoloration:  One of the most common severe  laser hair removal side effects is the lightening of skin around the operation spots also termed hypo-pigmentation. The laser targeted at dark colored hair, could as well affect skin of darker shades. Despite the lack of pain, this side effect could be emotionally damaging when severe.

Scaring: This side effect that can result from less experienced physicians.  Scarring can also be the outcome of getting accidental laser over-treatment. Even in the hands of experienced personnel, always get prepared for possible risks.

Burns: Though rare, this is one of the  laser hair removal side effects that can be accompanied by pain. Usually, it will result in the hands of a less proficient technician. Using the correct laser selection and fine setting should reduce this particular risk. This consequence can be a reality regardless of your practitioner’s level of expertize.

Other similar associated  laser hair removal side effects may include white spots, scab formation, flare of acne, inflammation around the hair follicle and infection. Hair removal gel and numbing gel may cause allergic reactions in some patients. The precise laser type can also react negatively with some patients.

Managing Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser hair removal  is not just about deleting unwanted hair, it is a medical surgery procedure that needs training to carry out. It is also accompanied by potential risks. However, there are ways through which these risks can be contained.

A better source of such information should originate with your medical practitioner. Consult on pretreatment activities or course of action. Medical background including hormonal or family conditions should be discussed. This should include herpes virus in the skin area of treatment.

To minimize  laser hair removal side effects you should avoid exposure to the unprotected rays of sunshine or skin tanning. This is beneficial because being at your lightest skin shade minimizes your side effects. Bleaching creams prescribed by your physician will also maximize the laser treatment results.

To better manage your  laser hair removal side effects,  avoid electrolysis, plucking or waxing the skin for a period of six weeks before treatment.  This is primarily because these actions temporarily remove hair roots which are the laser’s prime target. Antiviral or antibiotic medications should be taken if any is prescribed.  Ensure your area of treatment is sanitized on the D-day. Don’t wear any makeup in case your face is involved.

Laser hair removal side effects can also be managed using appropriate medications. Your medical practitioner should be able to recommend suitable medications. It is always advisable to follow all post procedural instructions as well as the pre-procedural. Scouting for an experienced technician can save you permanent skin damage and a lot of pain.

Avoid practitioners associated to patients with permanent side effects. They may increase your chances of having  laser hair removal side effects  It would be advisable to know their qualifications, job experience, name and past procedures. A dermatologist or plastic surgeon could at least have the necessary qualifications.

Watch out for unusually low prices, as the saying goes, cheap is expensive. Laser hair removal equipment is expensive and cheap prices beat the logic of recovering costs. Inquire about the duration the clinic has been in operation, how many clients have got treated and if possible get testimonials. Organize an up-close and personal consultation with the expert carrying out the operation.

Outcomes of individuals vary, so try and get a test patch before committing to the procedure. Inquire if this trial will get charged before signing up. Apart from inquiring about  laser hair removal side effects,   find out the kind of equipment in use and the duration it has been in performance.

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