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The Laser Treatment


The Laser Treatment

The Laser Treatment

Laser devices emit light using optical amplification process. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Process or LASER can be focused to pinpoint tiny spots. Launching lasers at low divergent beams concentrates their intensity at large distances.

Single wavelength lasers are capable of launching radiation in a variety of modes. Some emit broad spectrum light or light at different wavelengths simultaneously. Laser devices are classified according to their formula of producing simulated emissions or light.

Light refers to electromagnetic radiation regardless of its frequency and is not limited to visible light. Examples include infrared laser, X-ray laser and ultraviolet laser. The predecessor of the laser is the microwave laser or maser.   Laser energy commonly originates and is supplied for amplification as an electrical current.

The Laser Skin Treatment

The laser treatment refers to a new technique in cosmetic surgery used in treating skin problems. The procedure involves application of a carbon dioxide laser on the upper layer of skin. A surgeon uses this laser to vaporize the top skin layers. New skin replaces the vaporized skin.

The Laser Treatment

The Laser Treatment

The laser beam is focused and pointed to a precise spot on the skin especially the damaged surface. Often, it is targeted at fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet – mostly around the eyes and mouth. Burns and mild scars can be faded and made less visible using laser therapy.c

The laser treatment is also effective in removing unwanted tattoos. Spider veins, acne scars and port wine stains can also be treated using pulses of laser light. This laser skin treatment is known as the (IPL) or Intense Pulsed Light therapy.

An operation theater environment is required for  the laser treatment.  Even if you are sanitized, your face will need to be anesthetized before the treatment. The cleansing duration may vary from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

The penetration of the laser is limited to the epidermis skin level in a medium skin resurfacing procedure. In a deeper skin resurfacing procedure, the laser removes the top level of the dermis. Different treatments like scars, spots and deep wrinkles require different levels of skin penetration.

The effects of  the laser treatment  are similar to those of chemical peels and  dermabrasion. Laser peel is also used to refer to the chemical peel procedure. A different technology is applied but the end result left on the skin is more or less identical. The  dermis is first exposed, this is done by removing the skin’s top layers or epidermis. A softer, smoother and less wrinkled replacement layer is then generated.

Laser skin resurfacing is performed while the patient has been sedated. Local anesthesia is applied before and during  the Laser treatment  procedure. The treatment may be finished in a few minutes. However treating the whole face will require longer sessions.

The penetration depth reached by the laser determines the patients recovery duration. Naturally, if the operation is extensive, the recovery period is prolonged. Nonetheless, the laser treatment  is a very precise procedure that targets skin problems.

The Laser Skin Treatment Advantages

  • Compared to the skin resurfacing methods the laser skin resurfacing is has many upsides. The process is not time consuming. The procedure itself can be over in a matter of hours. Not many days are needed off work even in the post operative period compared to surgical face-lifts.
  • The procedure combs the skin in an inch by inch process, resulting in a precision that is superior to other techniques.

    The Laser Treatment

    The Laser Treatment

  • The impact on your skin is not severe enough to result in bleeding. The post operative discomfort following the procedure is limited to a few weeks and is comparatively mild.
  • IPL or Intense Pulsed Light Therapy can be used to reverse the unsightly acne and chicken pox scars.
  • Laser dermatology provides less discomfort and recovery is guaranteed to be quick.
  • Aftercare is a necessary part of the procedure. This routine is performed during the  healing period. Thereafter the patient’s new skin reemerges feeling tighter, with less wrinkles and looking several years younger.
  • Cosmetic laser surgery is an effective wrinkle treatment procedure. Fine lines and crows feet can also be made less visible in a less invasive manner compared to plastic surgery or face-lift.
  • For the removal of fine lines on the edges of the mouth and around the eyes, the procedure on the skin offers dramatic results. Lipstick creases on the upper lip can also be  successfully removed using  the laser treatment.  The machine can target the laser precisely to avoid unnecessary areas.
  • The final outcome of the laser treatment may take a few months to be fully noticed. The Majority of patients experience noticeable changes.
  • Due to the natural ageing process and the effects of normal facial movements, The successful results of  the laser treatment can be reversed. However, it is possible to have similar success with re-treatment after a considerable number of years.

The Laser Skin Treatment Aftercare

The Laser Treatment

The Laser Treatment

After laser therapy, it is imperative that you take necessary steps to avoid infection. Your surgeon will recommend the right method of cleansing your face. This will be done gently with additional application of antibiotic ointment to preempt infections.

The cleansing routine will have to be performed multiple times during the day, everyday for a number of days. Mild painkillers can be used in case of discomfort. It will be advisable to have an ice pack treatment to limit skin inflammation.

It will be necessary to apply aqueous cream or an effective moisturizer for a few weeks to prevent drying out. You should limit your range of skin care products  including shampoos to mild brands to avoid possible skin irritation. You will have to avoid the sun altogether.

A highly effective sun screen will be necessary for at least six months after the laser treatment  procedure. Abiding by your surgeons recommended routine will increase your success rate. Avoid making overemphasized facial expressions or movements during this period.

Consult your doctor to iron out any doubts, questions or myths you may have in case your are considering this treatment. It is prudent to have realistic expectations, You may need to get a cab or get driven back home . The laser treatment  is procedure may require the patient to spend the night in hospital, if it is accompanied by another cosmetic procedure like eyelid surgery.

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