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Men’s Skin Care


Men's Skin Care

Men's Skin Care

Traditionally, men spend less time caring for their skin compared to women. Inadvertently, men end up spending more timedamaging their skin through outdoor activities and hazardous occupational conditions. Men’s skin care involves much more than mere grooming

The skin is the largest organ, it provides a protective layer against the elements. It also provides the body with necessary temperature control through breathing and perspiration. Simple observation of the skin reveals a great deal about your general health and diet.

Men’s skin care involves an investment in your health and longevity. Regular use of hypo allergen cleansers is required to wash away dead skin, dirt and dust. Moisturizers and sunscreens are needed to protect your skin against dryness and ultraviolet radiation. Moisturizers and lotions also relieve the puffiness under your  eyes after a long night.

Men’s Skin Care Techniques

It is important to adapt proper shaving techniques to avoid razor burns and cuts. Balms and aftershaves help in controlling blemishes and unsightly men’s skin care problems. Preshave gels offer protection to men with sensitive skin especially while using electric shavers.

Men's Skin Care

Men's Skin Care

If your skin nicks easily, you are likely to get red bumps. Aloe based shaving cream will soothe your skin and allow the sharp razor to glide effortlessly across your face. For the best results, rub the cream into your beard first and shave along the grain initially.  Consequently if necessary, shave against the grain.

Flash out your face with soothing aftershave gel, glycerin or your regular moisturizer. Keep off alcohol based aftershaves as they irritate your skin. Dark patches under your eyes may make you look like a raccoon. These are caused by broken down blood vessels underneath your skin.

Several reasons can lead to this, ranging from hereditary issues, caffeinated drinks, booze and cigarettes. These patches can be contained using tropical products that contain vitamin K cream and restorative herbal creams. This could also manifest itself as a deficiency of  Iron. It is advisable to see a doctor for medical attention in case this becomes a problem.

Know your skin, when getting a facial, ask the aesthetician to analyze your current skin condition and type. Always settle for a reputable spa. Aestheticians should recommend tailor made procedures for your skin. The treatment regime should fit your skin type.

Men's Skin Care

Men's Skin Care

In case you suffer acne blackheads, you could do a facial or get a facial cleansing mask. Facial masks made from clay are typically more effective. For optimum results, always follow the given instructions. Rather than masking the whole face, you can target the persistent acne blackhead problem spots.

If you have oily skin, you will likely be prone to skin infections. Using regular soap to wash your skin should be avoided. Soap strips your skin of its natural oil and the glands react by producing more oil. If the problem is rather mild, then try using gentle foamy cleaners or milk cleansers.

In case you need something stronger, try salicylic acid and beta hydroxyl spot treatments or cleansers. You may also use oil free moisturizers. Common effective treatments for oily skin breakout, like benzoyl peroxide, have a drying effect on the skin. These may trigger increased secretion by the oil glands.

Alcoholic beverages strip the moisture off your skin. Try and keep your face looking fresh after a night out. To keep that sallow look off your face, maintain a daily skin care regime.

Cleansing toning and moisturizing helps in keeping your skin soft and replenished. Always use stimulating eye gel in the morning to keep off those unsightly bags under your eyes. Use a facial scrub or exfoliate to clean away dead skin cells and to rejuvenate the radiance of your skin.

If you plan to use your lips for smooching, keep them smooth. It will be a stunt to let your woman kiss those rough, sand paper like lips. Lip balms like chap stick and jack black go a long way in giving you smooth lips.

Modern Trends in Men’s Skin Care

Men's Skin Care

Men's Skin Care

Men across continents are increasingly becoming aware of their appearance. Gone are the days when our fathers would use bar soap to wash their faces and shave. Media and social trends have spurred this change.

Sales of men’s skin care products have been on the steady rise. Men’s skin is structured differently from women’s, they are thicker and have larger pores than women’s skin. Using gender neutral products barely puts a dent on your skin care needs. More specific male targeted products are required to address men’s stubborn skins.

Today’s men exhibit a keen interest in their personal appearance. Daily grooming has presented men with additional opportunities for self expression. Men who previously avoided the metro-sexual tag, now have no qualms about using men”s skin care products.

Although ageing signs may appear late in men, they are more pronounced. Men’s skin care products should be quick and easy to use. Cleansers and scrubs that can be used in the showers are preferable. Easy to use roll on eye gel, comes in handy. A convenient pump bottle simplifies men’s skin care by one pump in the morning and one in the evening. This eliminates unnecessary worry on how much moisturizer to use.

Men’s skin care should target specific needs like sebum control, razor burns, dry skin and chapped skin. Larger skin pores in men mean more oil production. Controlling sebum or oily skin results in a radiant complexion. Natural face toners, control oil gland secretions by refining the skin pores, thus reducing skin shine.

Aftershaves reduce skin inflammation by conditioning and protecting the skin. Natural face moisturizers provide optimal hydration and skin conditioning. Lip balm is an important but much overlooked tool in maintaining a great face.

Tips on Men’s Skin Care

Cleansing is the most important step in men’s skin care regime. Men’s larger skin pores, contain very active sebaceous glands, these are critical in keeping the skin naturally moist. Over time, overproduction of oil may leave the skin greasier than necessary. Excess oil or dirt may clog the pores, leaving the skin prone to bacterial infections.

Men's Skin Care

Men's Skin Care

Basic gel may be useful in cleaning the skin. You need cleansers strong enough to cut through the grease, and yet still gentle to the skin. A good choice should be affordable enough to be used at least once a day.

Sometimes, just a simple face wash may not be enough to clean your skin. Cleansers wash away the oil and dirt on the surface of your skin but not the scum deep down your pores. Even washing your face five times a day, like a pilgrim will still leave you a bumpy mess.

Exfoliating twice or thrice a week aids to dislodge debris that normal washing cannot reach. Effective scrubs contain granules that eliminate dullness and help in smoothing your skin. Skin dullness is usually caused by normal clogging of pores and build up of dirt.  Apart from smoothing your skin, the hair follicles get softened for a closer less irritating shave. This allows your skin to easily absorb moisturizer.

Over time, the skin gets dry especially after washing. The ageing process makes the skin lose its elasticity. Rigid PR codes make putting a sharp blade to your face a daily horror. Shaving and showering opens up skin pores, making the skin lose precious water. A  light moisturizer is an effective solution that replenishes the skins water content and prevents razor burn problems.

SPF moisturizers shield the skin against harsh UVB rays that are responsible for skin burn. UVA rays lead to long term skin damage, including deep facial lines and skin cancer. Multi-spectrum moisturizers are required for specialized men’s skin care.

The eyes are almost never touched by men. The skin around your eyes deserves your attention, because it ages way ahead of other parts of your body. The soft thin layer of skin around your eyes is bound to develop crinkles and creases.

This is easily preventable with regular application of eye cream. Cream protects and smoothens the skin, especially with proper use and commitment. Avoid applying cream underneath the soft skin beneath your eyes.

For maximum effectiveness and to prevent irritation, gently apply on both the edges and around the eyes. The cream will slowly be absorbed and spread out to all the fragile areas that need it the most. Men and women age differently, whereas men age in leaps and bounds, women experience slow progression of fine lines and wrinkles.

The skin around the lips are only second in fickleness to those around the eyes. This severely thin skin is prone to bleeding, cracking and burning from the elemental exposure. Lips are susceptible to overwhelming dryness as they lack the oil glands to maintain natural moisture.

Lips are also prone to harmful UV rays due to lack of melanin. The combination of dryness flaking, small cuts, exposure to sunshine and stress can leave you with open sores. These open sores are prone to infections like herpes simplex. Without proper men’s skin care, such infections may leave you six feet under.

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