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Mesothelioma Cure

NNo so long ago, a mesothelioma cure seemed distant and unattainable. As cure after cure for different cancers got developed, this old skeptical outlook gave way to optimism and rays of light at the end of the dark tunnel. The efforts of cancer specialist and doctors towards developing a cure, continue resurrecting the mesothelioma hope in patients.

Mesothelioma Cure

Mesothelioma Cure

Mesothelioma cancer is formed when malignant cells develop in the mesothelium. This is the protect lining that acts as a protective shield or lining for most internal organs in the body. The most commonly affected areas are usually the pleura, peritoneum or the pericardium.

  • The pleura region covering the chest cavity and lining covering the lungs.
  • The peritoneum the lining covering the abdominal cavity.
  • The pericardium is a sac engulfing the heart.

The main cause of this cancer is usually prior exposure to asbestos. Hazards of Work that include inhalation of asbestos particles, dust or fiber and other exposures increases the risk of asbestos cancer. Laundering clothes for an individual working with asbestos, or renovating houses using asbestos cement, are some ways that can expose one to mesothelioma. No association has been made between mesothelioma cancer and cigarette smoking, responsible for lung cancer.

Although there has been no proven mesothelioma cure yet, a patient’s survival can be lengthened and suffering reduced by intensive treatment. Mesothelioma treatments consists of therapies targeted at the elimination of cancerous cells. Other therapies alleviate disease symptoms and curb the spread of tumor.

The unique situation of each patient shapes their course of treatment. The chances of a successful  mesothelioma cure depends upon several factors. These include traveling ability, financial background, type and stage of mesothelioma, treatment history and location of the patient.

Treatments combine surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy for a potential mesothelioma cure.  Massage and trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation TENS form part of alternative mesothelioma therapies for pain relief. Chemotherapy is used to prevent further division of cancerous cells. Surgery is performed to cut out as much of the cancer as possible.

These treatments are mostly recommended in combination form. The patients treatment options are affected primarily by the maturity of the disease. Positive response to cancer treatment greatly depends on early diagnosis of the asbestos disease.

Mesothelioma Cure Options

A patient’s health following diagnosis may indicate positive response to curative treatment. Doctors follow a treatment plan that removes the tumor in order to curtail the spread of metastasis throughout the body. A palliative treatment course that addresses the symptoms to improve a patients life quality, is likely to be given to patients at a later stage cancer. Depending on a patients condition, treatment of mesothelioma may either be curative or palliative.

Mesothelioma Cure

Mesothelioma Cure

Surgery: This is the most widely used treatment option for mesothelioma cancer. When diagnosed early, curative surgery is highly effective for the cancer treatment. It is especially potent before the lymph nodes are affected.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy usually compliments the mesothelioma surgeries. They have a preemptive effect on leftover cancer cells. Extra pleural surgery which entails surgical re-sectioning of the affected lung areas is a new curative surgery.

Palliative surgery is commonly administered mainly due to advanced stage diagnosis of mesothelioma. To make the patient comfortable, the oncologist may perform palliative surgery. Pleurodesis is aimed at preventing fluid from refilling the lung passage. It involves injection of talc into the patient’s lungs.

Chemotherapy : This reduces pain and uncomfortable symptoms though it may not be a decisive mesothelioma cure. Chemotherapy medication is usually in the form of direct injections or pills. Mesothelioma chemotherapy involves intravenous administration of drugs. Drug combinations offer better results, one drug is a primary cytotoxin while the other calms down surrounding healthy cells.

Chemotherapy ranks as the most reliable  mesothelioma cure.  It is also considered the least invasive and desirable for extended life expectancy. The location of the cancer may qualify some patients for heated chemotherapy.

Peritoneal mesothelioma is mostly targeted by this  mesothelioma cure approach. Cisplatin is the most administered drug for mesothelioma treatment,It is combined with Pemetrexed is the drug to achieve optimum results in reducing tumors.

Radiation therapy. This is considered a more effective mesothelioma cure. Due to its minimal side effects in comparison to chemotherapy, it is usually administered to individuals whose health is fragile. It is also usually administered alongside other mesothelioma therapies like surgery or chemotherapy.

The form of radiation most favored as a mesothelioma cure, is the External beam radiation. This radiation is machine administered. The cancerous regions are targeted on a frequent schedule for not less than five weeks. The technique is applied exceedingly for palliative purposes rather than curative.

It serves other purposes like soothing some inconvenient symptoms of mesothelioma. These may include physical pain, hemorrhaging and other tendencies that lead to uneasiness, like shortness of breath. The External beam radiation can also be applied to enhance the surgical mesothelioma treatments.

During radiation therapy, the cancerous regions are targeted through sealed or unsealed source radiations. This form of therapy can be administered to all patients regardless of their stage of cancer progression. For the purpose of curtailing and easing the growth tumors, it can be combined with the other approaches for a potent mesothelioma cure.

Alternative Mesothelioma Cure

Traditional surgical procedures, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are considered the most favorite approaches to a mesothelioma cure. Currently, new approach therapies are under development. The tumors can be targeted and attacked by the patient’s own immune system. This approach involves manipulation of the patient immune system through the Immunotherapy approach.

mesothelioma cure..The cancerous tissue can alternatively be exposed to specific lights and photosensitizing drugs. This approach is referred to as the Photo-dynamic therapy. Another experimental approach on mesothelioma cure is gene therapy. This therapy seeks to rectify the dysfunctional genes that may result in cancerous mutations.

The most common approach to an effective  mesothelioma cure is the multimodal approach. This approach involves a combination of two or more treatments. These can be administered in a planned sequence or simultaneously. A tailored treatment plan is determined by a mesothelioma specialist upon analysis of the patient’s condition. The multimodal therapy has the potential of boosting the survival rate of almost half of the patients by 5 years.

Clinical Trials for Mesothelioma Cure

As an avenue of consolidating mesothelioma hope, many patients volunteer for clinical trials. These trials involve up and coming approaches to treatment or experimental treatments. These have to be tested before they are launched and recommended as effective and safe in disease treatment.

Trials offer fresh opportunities to explore new drugs and procedures in comparison to an established standards.   Generally these trials occur in three stages. The drugs are tested thoroughly to determine the correct dosage. The effectiveness of the drug has to be put on trial.

Patients have to meet certain requirements after qualifying for the study. Only then can they participate in the clinical trial. As they inch closer to a mesothelioma cure, doctors and scientists rely on these trials to boost the patient’s survival rates.

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