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Natural Skin Care Tips


Natural Skin Care Tips

Natural Skin Care Tips

Beauty, contrary to the popular adage, is not just skin deep. Natural skin care tips are essential for formulating a skin care regime that is cost effective.  Setting up enough time for your skin care needs and exercising patience to achieve your desired results are of utmost importance. Sun damaged skin, new born baby skin and specific family backgrounds all present different skin care challenges.

Natural skin care tips  involve formulating your own green skin care treatments. Making homemade skin care treatments is a good way of knowing exactly what goes into your skin. Apart from the reassurance that no toxic preservatives are included in your skin care products, you also save money on packaging. Powdered oatmeal and banana whip up, make an effective face mask. Tomato juice and yogurt makes a rich antioxidant cleanser. Green tea stalks form the basic ingredients of toners for acne skin care.

Diet and Exercise in Natural Skin care Tips

Natural skin care tips that ensure you remain healthy both inside and outside, include diet and exercise. These play vital roles in your skin care regime. Sweating it out during an exercise activity keeps the nutrient carrying blood, pumping through your body.

Sufficient proteins and healthy omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil or flax seed oil in your diet, promotes a healthy skin. Taking complex carbohydrates, fruits and drinking 2 to 3 liters of water in a day helps to flush out toxins that make your skin dull. You don’t have to resort to chemical peels, surgery, face-lifts and heaps of portions and lotions to have glowing skin.

Natural Skin Care Tips

Natural Skin Care Tips

Applying natural skin care tips includes maintaining an effective digestive system. This is reflected by a youthful skin, so a digestive system that works optimally is very beneficial. People suffering constipation are associated to skin disorders such as acne, rosacea and psoriasis. Common digestive disorders like leaky guts, imbalance between good and bad bacteria contribute immensely to poor skin health.

To prevent constipation, take adequate water and maintain your personal hygiene. Bathing aids in the elimination of dead skin cells and other waste products . The average person consumes about 12 grams of fiber. Adequate fiber in your diet augments to natural skin care tips necessary to stem the occurrence of constipation.

Women of age 19 to 50 require about 25 grams of fiber while men of the same age require about 38 grams in a day. People over 50 require 21gram of fiber for women and 31 grams for men. Taking an apple a day as the old adage goes, comprises important natural skin care tips. Fruits like pears, prunes, figs and dates taken with their peels, make good snacks rich in dietary fiber. Other high fiber foods like beans, legumes, cauliflowers, brown rice, ground flax-seeds, broccoli and oatmeal  are required to boost your supply of fiber.

Avoiding excess sugar in your diet is one of the natural skin care tips that prevents premature ageing. The more sugar you consume, the more sugar that gets into you bloodstream. Over time you develop glycation. This condition is experienced when sugar molecules damage protein molecules by sticking to them.

The eventual molecules formed are called advanced glycation bye products or AGE. AGE causes damage of collagen in skin, cartilage and ligaments. This advances the loss of elasticity, formation of  wrinkles and general sagging of skin. Reduction of sugar intake in coffee, tea and your general diet is a vital component of natural skin care tips.

Including good fats in your diet forms necessary natural skin care tips. Simple fats called essential fatty acids are components that the body cannot do without. These fats are used in the formation of membranes, hormones and other chemicals found in the body. These fats also form a necessary heart healthy diet. They are also important for inflammatory conditions such as eczema, acne dry skin and preventing cancer.

Formation of bumps on your back, is likely a sign of essential fats deficiency. Flax seed, walnut oil and fish oil are rich sources of essential fats. Sardines form a good source of essential fats. Salmon may accumulate toxic poly-chlorinated biphenyls- PCB in their body fat for over 90 % of their sea life. You should also consider fish oil supplements in your diet.

Natural Skin Care Products and Ingredient Tips

Natural Skin Care Tips

Natural Skin Care Tips

Skin care exfoliation forms a solid base for natural skin care tips. You can do this before taking your morning shower using a soft bristle brush for the dry brush exfoliation. This clears the skin of dead skin cells and allows the skin to detox. This greatly enhances the skin’s role as the largest organ of waste elimination. Dry brush exfoliation improves body functions like lymph and blood circulation. It reduces puffiness and the gentle pressure applied has the extra benefit of calming the nervous system.

Carrier oils and body butter are essential oils for goods skin and hair care. Kitchen ingredients can form effective skincare recipes. The average woman applies 10 different skin care products. W0men use about 4 pounds of lipstick, the skin ends up absorbing about 130 different chemicals. Most of these chemicals may be FDA approved but not necessarily in larger quantities.

Phthalates present in artificial fragrances contain some harmful chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions and other health problems. These chemicals contain hormone disruptors. These may cause birth defects, infertility and sperm damage likely to lead to feminization in boys. Natural skin care tips require you to  choose fragrance free products. Always evaluate product labels carefully for the harmful dangers of their ingredients.

Many of the chemicals present in these products have unknown effects and their interaction with each other may not have been studied. Manufacturers use a loophole in legislation that does not require to them to declare the handful of toxic ingredients contained in their fragrances. Up to 90 % or 10500  ingredients used in cosmetic and skin care products are unevaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Do not be fooled by the frequent cosmetic advertising that promises over the top products that turn the tide of ageing. Simplify your choices to basic cleansers, moisturizer, toners and broad spectrum sunscreens. One of the important natural skin care tips to remember is that most eye creams contain basically the same moisturizers.

When settling on natural products, confirm that they are natural. In the beauty industry today, toxic synthetic products is the biggest issue that will just not go away. It pays to keep a keen eye on product labels. The natural and all natural terms used in labeling are not regulated labeling terms. Many known problematic ingredients still find their way into these products.

Natural Skin Care Product Packaging Tips

Packaging is a significant part of natural skin care tips in the selection of skin care products. Settling on nontoxic recyclable packaging materials like glass has numerous benefits. Glass presents no danger of leaching toxins into the material contained within.

Natural Skin Care Tips

Natural Skin Care Tips

Plastics like polyethylene PET and high density polyethylene HDPE are recyclable, considered safe and are the most frequently acceptable.  Polycarbonate may leach the endocrine hormone disruptor bisphenol-A or biphenyl. Polypropylene 5 is a safe plastic utilized for food packaging that forms a good alternative though it is less easily recyclable.

Containers bearing the recyclable codes H 3 and letter V, the polyvinyl chloride or PVC also dubbed the poison plastic, should be given a wide berth. Right from manufacture to packaging, PVC posses great health and environmental hazards. During its production, it releases hydrochloric acid and cancer causing dioxins. It also releases other persistent pollutants into land and water.

PVC also contains chemical stabilizers and additives like lead and cadmium. These contain suspended carcinogens capable of causing defects in development and reproduction. PVC can flake, leach and give of fumes throughout its entire lifespan.

Among crucial natural skin care tips is to find out how the company value their stack up. A reputable skin care company should add up to more than the value of its production. Enlighten yourself on the company’s philosophy and ethics by reading their publications and visiting their websites. This may include a pledge to replace harmful ingredients from their product ingredients list with safe alternatives. A commitment for a safer environment including abstaining from animal testing.

Other natural skin care tips include choosing organic beauty and grooming products. Organic ingredients devoid of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are safer for both the environment and your body. Bio-dynamic farming methods produce safer botanical products.

These methods go a step further by emphasizing a more holistic relationship between animals, plants and the soil. The number of skin care products bearing the organic seal from the USDA has been steadily increasing since 2003. Since then the National Organic program has been offering certification for personal care products.

Avoiding the petrochemicals is one of the natural skin care tips that has to be considered. Petrochemicals are used to make emollients for face creams. They are also found in the form of coal tar used as a scalp treatment shampoo.

Petroleum bye products can easily be contaminated with cancer causing impurities. This product is a non renewable and environmentally unfriendly resource. It can be dangerous even to your car engine let alone your skin. Petrolatum, paraffin and mineral oil are some identifiable labeling used on these products.

Don’t fall for exotic and bizarre new trends, they do not provide a magic bullet to your skin care woes. Instead they might end up being cruel to you or to the planet. The practice of using human and cow placenta is plain crazy.  These may contain hormones that lead to breast growth in toddlers, breast cancers and other severe health issues.

Fish pedicure involves dozens of tiny webby carp that nibble at your feet. The procedure involves dipping your feet in 94 degrees Fahrenheit of chemical  packed water. Such weird natural skin care tips do not have the relevant data to prove their effectiveness.

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