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Orthodontics in Kenya


Orthodontics in Kenya

Orthodontics in Kenya

Both teenagers and children commonly qualify as patients that need corrections for developmental dental problems. Presently the number of adults seeking correctional treatments has been on the rise. Past overlooked problems or improvement of the functions and appearance of teeth, form the bulk of this increased demand.

The orthodontics in Kenya principles applied in the treatment of adults also apply in the treatment of children. In case the treatment involves more complications, the costs are bound to rise. This cost depends on the extent of complications involved.

Adults and Orthodontics in Kenya

Another common reason that may lead adults to seek orthodontics in Kenya treatment is a condition called sleep apnea. This condition causes the soft tissue and muscles at the rear end of the throat to collapse towards the inside when sleeping. This interferes with the patients breathing leading to disturbance during sleep. The patient usually awakes feeling exhausted the next morning. 

Patients suffering from sleep apnea can benefit from orthodontics in Kenya. The treatment usually involves a device known as mandibular repositioning splint. This orthodontic device prevents the rear area of the neck from narrowing

The Greek translation for orthodontics is literally to straighten teeth from Greek word orthos or straight. This straightening treatments are aimed at improving the position, function and appearance of teeth that appear crooked, or abnormally arranged. Orthodontics in Kenya provide many treatments including braces.

Orthodontics in Kenya

Orthodontics in Kenya

Braces are special appliances that aid in maintaining the teeth in their proper position. This mechanical device is usually installed for a period of about 18 months or up to 2 years. It is an effective tool in correcting the position of teeth.

Health care providers that specialize in orthodontic treatment are called orthodontists. They carry out their operations from hospitals with specialized units or dental surgery units. Professional standards require orthodontics in Kenya to be practiced by board certified professionals.

Who Else Needs Orthodontics in Kenya

Children’s teeth may occasionally grow abnormally. Malocclusion is the medical term that refers to teeth that develop out of their proper position. Malocclusion may at times occur for inexplicable reasons. Dental injuries and facial bone injuries may at times result in malocclusion. Thumb sucking behaviour could also be a possible cause of the condition.

Orthodontics in Kenya

Orthodontics in Kenya

Malocclusion is not generally considered a high risk condition to your health. However malocclusion should be corrected during teenage. This assists in maintaining the proper shape and appearance of the face. In doing so early enough, emotional and psychological problems can be avoided. These include problems like low self esteem or inferiority complex, depression and even anxiety.

The proper functioning of the teeth, jaws and mouth can be impaired by a serious case of malocclusion. The condition can complicate eating of food. It may result in difficulty when cleaning your teeth, leaving you vulnerable to dental damage.

Malocclusion occurs more commonly than many would realize. Every year doctors from India, China and other foreign countries volunteer to set camp in Kenya to operate on needy youngsters. Many more such kids would benefit from orthodontics in Kenya operations, if the exercises would be coordinated from the county levels.

Orthodontics operations in Kenya

There are many foreign doctors who offer orthodontics in Kenya operations free of Charge. Many patients who usually benefit from these exercises are always minors. However even adults who clearly need these services can always register early enough to benefit from the operations

Each orthodontics in Kenya case is assessed on individual basis to determine its eligibility and urgency. There is a system that is used to rate the cases. The system comprises five grades.

  1. The first grade is used to identify teeth that are almost faultless.
  2. The second grade is identified as teeth that contain slight imperfections. Such irregularities may include upper teeth that protrude slightly. If the teeth are a little irregular. If the upper and lower teeth do not align perfectly with a slight under-bite or overbite but does not impair the proper roles of teeth.
  3. The third grades describes teeth with more pronounced irregularities but lacking the need for treatment on health grounds. This includes less than 4mm of protruding on the upper front teeth. When upper teeth are a little out of alignment by 2mm or less  and result in slight interference in their proper functions. Improperly aligned teeth which are less than 4mm out of lock. When your mouth is shut and back teeth do not lock onto each other, we have an Open Bite. When the upper teeth overlap onto the lower teeth we have a Deep Bite, which does not impair their proper functioning.
  4. The fourth grade describes teeth that have serious impairments that require treatment on health grounds. This includes more than 6mm protruding on the upper front teeth. More than 2mm off the proper alignment of lower and upper teeth symmetry obstructing their proper working order. More than 3.5 mm protruding of the lower front teeth ahead of the upper front teeth. Teeth that are 4 mm or more off the regular teeth alignment. A deep bite which prevents proper functioning of teeth.
  5. The fifth grade is for serious dental health issues that include crowding, additional teeth or obstruction that may prevent the teeth from getting inside the mouth. When several teeth are missing. 9mm or more protruding of the upper front teeth. Disruption in the development of jaws or skull, either by cleft lip palate, resulting in a split in top or roof of mouths and sometimes in both.

Patients with grade 4 and 5 need to find more information about their orthodontics in Kenya treatment options. For grade three cases judgment is usually passed from cases to case. If the persons dental appearance is particularly unbecoming, then treatment can be availed.

In most parts of the country trained orthodontists are not enough to meet the high patient demand. Many children and especially adults usually qualify for orthodontics in Kenya treatment. However the long waiting list means that many have to wait for even more than a year for treatment. Depending on where you hail from, the waiting period can extend even past two years.

If you have a child who needs orthodontics  treatment solely for cosmetic purposes, private treatment is available. Private orthodontic treatment can be quite expensive. The type of appliances used and treatment complexity determine the cost of treatment.  Treatment ranges from a few hundred thousand to well over a million shillings in very complex orthodontics in Kenya cases.

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