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Shoulder Exercises in Kenya

<Shoulder exercises in Kenya are important for strengthening our upper bodies. These exercises are important in getting a uniform built when performed in conjunction with other exercises. Well defined broad shoulders in men are a sign of strength and dominance. Women too find well toned sleek looking shoulders desirable to fit into tank tops.

Shoulders do not rely on the skeletal muscles for symmetry and stability. Instead they rely on surrounding muscles and ligaments for stability. Surrounding muscles should be made strong by shoulder exercises in Kenya to lessen the chances of injury.

Muscles Involved in Shoulder Exercises in Kenya

Surrounding muscles comprise the deltoids and the rotator cuff muscles. Three muscles, the  anterior, posterior and lateral muscles form the deltoids. While four muscles the subscapular is, infraspinatus, supraspinatus and teres minor form the rotator cuff muscles. All these individual muscles can be trained in isolation by shoulder exercises in Kenya.

The subscapular is, part of the rotator cuff muscles, provides stability to the shoulder. Internal rotations of modified cable pull downs, are some shoulder exercises in Kenya that isolate this muscle when training.

The infraspinatus  provides stability within the shoulder along with the teres minor. External arm rotations, of the modified cable pull downs, isolate and train the muscle. Chin ups are also effective shoulder exercises in Kenya that train this muscle. Take care when training this muscle as it is very susceptible to injury.

The supraspinatus is the muscle that is most susceptible to injury. It runs through a narrow space between the top of the humerus, upper arm bone and the roof of the shoulder. Shoulder exercises in Kenya involve elevation of the arm beyond the height of the shoulder, like the shoulder press. When the palm faces downwards, in multiple repetitions,  like in swimming and tennis, impingement is likely.

The teres minor helps stabilize the arm when the arm is raised. The external rotation of the lateral cable pull down, is one exercise that strengthens this muscle. Chin ups are also a good example of shoulder exercises in Kenya that can strengthen this muscle.

When you elevate or push your arms forward, the anterior deltoids are used. These are sufficiently exercised when you hit the bench press and they need no further isolation. Chin ups with a slight declination from the chin are effective shoulder exercises that train the anterior deltoids.

When the arm is moved in a rowing type movement to exercise the upper back, the posterior deltoids are used. These muscles are trained enough and do no need further isolation by shoulder exercises in Kenya. The posterior deltoids function when the arm is extended back or drawn down during the lateral pull down. Bent over lateral raises and chin ups isolate the posterior deltoids during training.

Types of  Shoulder Exercises in Kenya


In order to perform this exercise effectively adopt the right posture.Stand with your feet  shoulder width apart. Slightly bend your knees. Start with arms at right angles. Extend arms above the head until the dumbbells almost touch above your head. Hold for a two count before slowly returning to a start position.

Lateral Raise

Stand  with your feet parallel and shoulder width apart. Slightly bend your knees. Keep your hands by your side with palms facing in. Keeping both arms straight, raise to the side until elbows are level with shoulder. Rotate arms slowly until thumbs point downwards.Slowly return to start position and repeat.

Bent Over Fly

Stand with feet parallel and shoulder width apart legs bent so upper thigh is 45 degrees to the floor.Back straight, arms in front of you. Raise arms to the side drawing shoulder blade together. Hold for a two count, return to start

Front Raise

Stand with feet parallel and shoulder width apart. Slightly bend your knees. Hands down by your side with palms facing in. Keeping both arms straight, raise to the front until elbows are level with shoulder. Hold for two count, return to starting position.

Rotator Cuff

Lie on your side, Knees bent, feet and back against a wall. Lower arm extended with head resting on top. Upper arm bent to 90 degrees, palms facing down and elbow tucked into side, keeping elbow tucked in, raise arm until palm faces in front. Hold for a two count slowly return to start point.

Extended Arm Shoulder Stretch

Consists of stretches and raises, Dumbbells in each arm. Place dumbbell above shoulder palms facing the sky. Lock elbows, Lower slowly down, repeat.

Dumbbell Shrug

Hold dumbbells at your sides, without bending arms, shrug shoulder and hold in position for a few seconds. Repeat 10 to 12 times

Shoulder Rotation

This is an important exercise for both men and women Performed without weights. It is particularly helpful in relieving shoulder pain. Stand erect hands on thighs, Rotate shoulder 10 times clockwise then anti-clockwise.

Preventing Injuries With Shoulder Exercises in Kenya

Shoulder injuries can make your life very difficult. This is because most arm movements involve the shoulder muscles. When you get a shoulder injury, you begin to notice all the movements you make, even some that you took for granted. Shoulder exercises in Kenya offer many variations that you can switch to if one exercise causes you pain. chin ups are also effective exercises that isolate the posterior deltoids

Unfortunately shoulders are very susceptible to injuries. Some common shoulder injuries include the frozen shoulder and rotator cuff syndrome. The overhead barbell press or overhead plate press can be used to strengthen and rehabilitate the shoulder injury

Always warm up before with lighter weights before moving on to heavier weights. Stretching is one very effective way of reducing your chances of getting injured. Some common shoulder stretches include the parallel arm shoulder stretches and the static stretches. Stretches help minimize injury by increasing your flexibility.

Flexibility helps in good positioning of shoulder muscles during training .The rotator cuff muscles depend on good positioning of the scapula for effective control and freedom of movement. Bad positioning of the scapula decreases the ability of the shoulder muscle to produce power. Static stretching adds flexibility before training and competition.

To reduce chances of getting injured during shoulder exercises in Kenya, it is important to improve on your core strength. All body movements begin in the core. Core strength enables you to stabilize all your movements. Back exercises will strengthen your lumber spine, scapulothoraxic joint and cervical spine. If your core is weak all the extra load is passed on to the shoulder.

Using poor throwing techniques in games like baseball and cricket will increase chances of injury. Once fatigue has set in shoulder problems will be had to avoid. This problem mainly affects the rotator cuff muscles. Always use the right technique if you are engaged in any throwing activity or before during training. Poor technique will also increase your chances of injury in shoulder exercises in Kenya.

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    Jul 18, 2011

    Thank you for your informative and educative article. My husband has been suffering from a shoulder email. I think exercises are the best for him. I will be proposing them to him today. thanks again.

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    Jul 25, 2011

    shoulder exercise is something I would love to do. This articles is very useful. I will try doing that.

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