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Tooth Pain Relief


Tooth Pain Relief

Tooth Pain Relief

A common cause of tooth pain is usually taking sugary foods or sweets. Smoking cigarettes also has the potential to damage the enamel on your teeth and cause tooth pain. A regular change in toothbrushes every 3 months is necessary to maintain toothbrush effectiveness. Old toothbrushes are unlikely to protect against tooth cavities and other mouth or gum problems.

Traditionally, tooth pain has been the most common problem that sends people to the dentist. Most individuals will experience such a pain at a particular time in their lifetimes. For some, the pain can only be endured for a short while, and this cuts across people of all ages. Others may simply try to ignore or wish the pain away. Such actions may only serve to worsen the pain.

Tooth pain causes are varied. Some of these include a cracked tooth, temporo-mandibular disease, tooth root sensitivity, gum diseases, tooth abscess and tooth decay. Teeth, muscles and gums can also lead to a painful teeth. An erupting wisdom tooth, lack of proper oral hygiene and maintenance can also lead to tooth pain. Painkillers can be used to gain tooth pain relief in addition to other home remedies.

There are a number of simple tooth pain relief  methods for mild tooth pain. However, unendurable pain requires immediate diagnosis. This is necessary to probe the cause of  pain and to determine the correct treatment. Chronic tooth pain can occur when the dentist is away. Such scenarios require painkillers for pain endurance till treatment is available.

Ibuprofen, aspirin and other painkillers are effective for getting tooth pain under control. However, these painkillers should not be overused to avoid tooth complications and other dental problems. Natural  tooth pain relief is an effective option for tooth pain that is recurrent.

Natural Tooth Pain Relief Options

Tooth Pain Relief

Tooth Pain Relief

Cloves: Cloves posses analgesic and antiseptic properties. These are effective in offering tooth pain relief. You could apply some clove oil directly to problem tooth and gums is sufficient for necessary relief from pain. You could as well bite into the cloves for several minutes for pain relief.This remedy is also ideal for pain from an abscessed tooth.

Onions: Onion have natural antibacterial properties. Placing an onion slice on the tooth for about five minutes offers tooth pain relief. Chewing the onions for a while also has the same effect on pain and solves other dental problems.  


Peppers: A mixture of pepper and a pinch of salt has a numbing effect on the mouth. This provides  tooth pain relief  that is almost instant. Pepper powder can also be mixed with clove oil to alleviate toothache. This mixture should be placed on the tooth cavities.

Asafetida: This involves making a mixture using a few drops of lemon and asafetida. The mixture should be dabbed on the problem area and  left for multiple minutes. This has the potential to provide almost instant tooth pain relief.

Bay Berry: The bark from the bay berry tree is needed for  this tooth pain relief  mixture. The bark should be ground and mixed with some vinegar. This mixture should then be applied directly to the tooth.

Wheat Grass: This is another efficient  tooth pain relief  option. The leaves of the wheat grass should simply be chewed on for a few minutes. This alleviates tooth pain and is also an easy way to maintain proper dental health.

Whiskey: This may not come as a surprise to alcohol consumers. Taking a mouthful of whiskey and letting it get absorbed in the problem area for a few minutes can provide instant  tooth pain relief.  Alcohol has a numbing effect on the gums and affected area, this soothes sensitive teeth immediately.

Acupressure: This is an effective tooth pain remedy. Acupressure stimulates the nerves offering pain relief and alleviating the condition. The cheekbone, earlobe, jawbone, anklebone and the tips of fingers are some pressure points associated with tooth pain. Acupressure involves applying  pressure to these points at least three times a day to relieve tooth pain. Rub some ice cube at the V-shaped junction between your thumb and forefinger for 10 minutes.

Aromatherapy: This method of  tooth pain relief is equally effective. Essential oils like chamomile oil, vegetable oil, orange oil and clove bud oil can be used in a mixture of about four drops each. This mixture can help you treat tooth sensitivity.

Tooth Pain Relief

Tooth Pain Relief

The above mixtures can offer you relief from tooth pain. However not all are guaranteed to offer reliable results, so you should take your time to see which ones are more effective. Additionally maintaining proper oral hygiene is very important. Brush your teeth at least two times a day using Sensodyne to protect sensitive teeth.

Don’t forget to floss gently to protect tender gums, and always rinse your mouth with non-alcoholic mouthwash. Some particular tooth pain causes will usually require surgery. This requires your dentist to diagnose the cause of pain before offering a solution.

Tooth Pain Relief for an Abscessed Tooth

  • Avoid taking meals that are too hot or too cold. Tooth pain recurs if the dentine layer has suffered damage from tooth decay. Very acidic or sugary foods or beverages have the same painful effect on teeth.

    Tooth Pain Relief

    Tooth Pain Relief

  • Over-The–Counter (OTC) pain medications can also be used for  tooth pain relief  in such instances. Care should be exercised not to surpass the recommended dose. Ensure the abscessed tooth pain products are compatible with any other drugs you may be taking at the moment. Pain relief medications designed to reduce inflammation are particularly effective against tooth pain. The majority of tooth pain cases involve the inflammation of nerves and other tissues.  Pain relief medications like are not designed to be applied directly to the tooth or tissue, this may result in your nerve suffering a burn.
  • Ensure you floss between the painful teeth. Once the food particles and plague are removed, this could ease the tooth pain.
  • Seal the tooth cavities temporarily. Some over-the-counter material for temporary fillings may be obtained from certain pharmacies. These can be helpful in creating temporary seals for cavities caused by decay.
  • Rinsing your mouth with warm salty water twice or thrice a day may provide tooth pain relief resulting from an abscess. This is more effective if the tooth pain is as a result of gum infection. Salt has antibacterial properties that rids the tooth of bacteria at the site of infection.
  • Place your head at an elevated position while you sleep. Inflammation of nerves due to an abscessed tooth can cause excruciating pain. Elevating your head cuts back on blood pressure to the head, thereby offering your relief from the nerve inflammation and pain.
  • Abscessed tooth may experience pain that goes on and off. Always see a dentist as soon as you can. The longer such cases take without treatment, the more severe your complications may become.

Other Tooth Pain Relief Remedies

  • Vanilla extract is an excellent remedy for tooth pain. Just apply three drops of the extract to the painful tooth. This should provide almost instant relief from pain.
  • Vicks Vapor Rub, Rob or any other essence for external pain relief can be rubbed on the outer side of the cheek. Cover this with a paper towel before retiring to bed. The heat essence from the Vicks will gradually be absorbed into your skin for maximum pain relief.
  • A slice of potato when placed on the problem tooth for 15 minutes can offer relief from pain.
  • Relief from pain can also be derived from a hot tea bag. This should be pressed onto the aching tooth.
  • Garlic cloves are a potent source of antiseptics. Activate the garlic by pounding on some salt and apply to the affected tooth for pain relief. You could as well chew the garlic regularly in the morning.
  • Halls cough drops contain a minute amount of antiseptic in them. Dissolving two in your mouth could offer you some  tooth pain relief.
  • Placing an ice-cube on the affected tooth or on the cheek can numb the pain. This can be done for about 2o minutes at least three times a day.

    Tooth Pain Relief

    Tooth Pain Relief

  • The leaves of a guava tree possess some antiseptic qualities. These leaves can be chewed for lasting  tooth pain relief. Always ensure the leaves are clean.
  • Asafetida, when ground in lemon juice can fight tooth pain. The solution should be heated, soaked onto a cotton swab and applied onto the cavities for fast pain relief.
  • Listerine is an effective antiseptic that kills bacteria. Gaggling this solution will ease your pain.
  • Lime is beneficial for preventing tooth decay, dental cavities and bleeding gums. It is also an effective  tooth pain relief  remedy.
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