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Vegan Breakfast


vegan breakfast

vegan breakfast

Many times when a vegan breakfast is mentioned, the first question to pop up in your mind is, is it nutritious enough? does it taste as great as a non vegie breakfast ? or will I have to sacrifice some essential nutrients, like proteins and healthy fats like omega 3 fatty acids? The truth is that a vegan  breakfast can be all that and in certain cases, even  healthier.

With the right ingredients mixed into healthy recipes, a vegan breakfast can be as nutritious, or even more nutritious than its non vegetarian alternative. Breakfast is usually a meal taken on the go, or shortly before going to work. Therefore it should be relatively easy and quick to prepare.

Healthy Ingredients for a Vegan Breakfast

The right ingredients for a vegan breakfast should be common and easily obtainable. The nearest grocery stores or food chain outlets should be convenient . Given that the need to include milk and meat is eliminated the ingredients should be very affordable. It would be fruitless trying to run all over town just to get some uncommon favorite ingredients that you would perhaps only use twice in a year.

vegan breakfast

vegan breakfast

Occasionally it would be prudent to use less common ingredients just to make your meals well rounded nutritional. However, it would still makes sense to avoid expensive weird ingredients, especially obscure ingredients adding no nutritional value. Always use fruits that are in season, these will be much cheaper and fresher.

It would be also  healthier and cheaper to incorporate fresh ingredients rather than using pre-manufactured ingredients like pancake mix. Choose and use your own ingredients for similar mixes like porridge mix. It will be easier to the monitor nutritional value of your food rather than just relying on the food labels.

Too many ingredients in one recipe makes it difficult for your body to digest meals. Always keep your recipes low in ingredients. A handful of ingredients is basically sufficient to keep your recipes simple yet unique in flavor. Some ingredients like soy milk can easily be substituted with rice milk or almond milk, especially if the later give you gas. Rice milk and almond milk are actually healthier for you.

Preservatives, dyes, hormones and other chemicals should be avoided as part of healthy recipes for a vegan breakfast. These are commonly found in animal derived products. They may also contain antibiotics are actually harmful to your body. These should be substituted with natural ingredient alternatives.

Avoid processed and refined ingredients like margarine and canola oil. Whole grain ingredients like whole wheat and oats are very preferable. These enhance nutrient value by providing dietary fiber and  vitamins. Processed cereals are exposed to high temperatures and pressure and end up losing much of their nutrients.

Varieties of  Vegan Breakfast

Scrambled Tofu : Scrambled tofu tastes very different from eggs. Often when mentioned, tofu is thought of as a tasteless meal. Tofu does not have a naturally strong taste or flavor, but rather like potatoes, it is great at acquiring taste from other foods that are richer in flavor. This meal can be enhanced in taste by several ingredients like nutritional yeast, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, potatoes and spinach to complete its nutritional combo.

vegan Breakfast

vegan breakfast

Healthy nutritional additions to this vegan breakfast recipe include, pure fresh fruits like strawberries. Fortified tofu contains proteins, fresh fruits complement this meal with antioxidants, fiber and Vitamin C among other nutrients. This meal keeps you energetic through out the morning with healthy calories.

Vegan sweet potatoes: Baking sweet potatoes in the oven for 1 hour or micro waving it for 7 or 8 minutes, will give it the best taste. The main ingredient to consider is almond butter. Mashing up the sweet potato in lots of the butter enhances its nutritional value with high quality proteins. The flavor can be further enhanced by a delicate sprinkle of cinnamon.

Porridge: A good method of preparing this Vegan breakfast would be to heat up some almond milk on stove top before introducing some steel cut oats. Some flux or coconut oil can be added at the end of cooking to enrich the porridge. Instead of sugar, chopped dates and apricots can be used for sweetening this uji.

Oatmeal and water : Microwave some oat meals and water for about one minute and add a little soymilk. Some healthy ingredients in this vegan breakfast meal may include agave nectar and fresh fruit raisins. This meal contains amino acids from the oats, proteins from the soymilk, healthy carbs and a rich source of antioxidants from the fresh fruit raisins.

Toast Nut Butter : This vegan breakfast requires peanut butter or almond butter. A banana can be taken along with the toast nut butter. The meal is sufficient in nutrients with some healthy fats and protein from the nuts. The nut also offers tasty healthy carbs, fiber and potassium and vitamins from the banana.

Cereal and soymilk : Fortified cereals are a good source of vitamin B12, while the soymilk is rich in proteins. The soya milk can also be fortified with vitamin D. Adding fresh  strawberries or bananas to this meal ensures that it is sufficient in fiber vitamins and antioxidants.

Other Vegan Breakfast Options

  • Breakfast burrito : Guacamole, beans, and leftover stir fried veggies can be wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla for a healthy breakfast on the go.
  • Granola mash up : This can be up warmed as a homemade berry combo. This can be topped up with the granola poured in soy or almond milk for a creamy taste.
  • Breakfast bread pudding : This vegan breakfast recipe is ideal when baked with cinnamon, frozen fruit and nutmeg. This recipe contains less sugar and is a suitable vegan breakfast idea for losing weight.
  • Vegan Irish soda bread: This Irish vegan recipe is diary free and egg free. It utilizes egg and milk substitute. Soy milk vegan bread is lower in fats than the traditional buttermilk Irish soda bread.
  • Chocolate chip banana bread: This is a healthy recipe for kids. The banana bread is an innovative way to utilize overripe bananas. This fun to eat recipe also uses chocolate chips for a great variation in taste.
  • Orange banana breakfast couscous :  Couscous  is a quick and easy to make vegetarian food. It is a good substitute for processed oatmeal and other commonly used Vegan breakfast options.
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