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Weight Loss Programs in Kenya

<Weight loss programs in Kenya have for a long time been considered a foreign concept. Fit only for westerners grappling with problems of obesity. The truth is that there is no country in the world today that has no problem of obesity. This includes developing countries like Kenya.   

Tips on Effective Weight Loss Programs in Kenya

There are many factors to consider when designing weight loss programs in kenya. One should consider how long it took to gain the extra weight. The underlying cause of the extra weight should also be addressed.

It would be unrealistic  for someone who took five years to gain 20 kilograms to expect to lose it in say three months. The longer you take to lose weight, the longer you are able to keep the weight off . The 1251underlying causes of excess weight could vary from one individual to another. Causes may include hereditary factors,diet or lifestyle.

Watch out for weight loss programs in kenya that promise to shed of a lot of weight in a short period of time. These may be unhealthy for the body. When one loses weight, it could be due to the loss of three components in the body. Water, muscle and fat. It is unhealthy for one to lose water and muscle. Lose of glycogen and water instead of fat is one of the consequences of losing weight fast

Essentially this means that weight loss programs in Kenya could be effective even if the weight loss is minimal. An individual weighing 90 kilograms, may have a body composition of 20 kilograms of fat and 70 kilograms of water and muscle. The individual may join a body building program and replace some fat with 15 kilograms of muscle. If the person remains at 90 kg the program is successful because he has lost 15 kilograms of fat.

Exercises for  Weight Loss Programs in Kenya

Muscle development is an important factor for effective weight loss programs in Kenya. Muscles aid in burning fat,which result in weight loss. A person with more muscle mass is capable of burning more fat in a shorter span. If your body composition is mainly made up of fat, it may be difficult to perform all exercises associated with weight loss.

Cardiovascular exercises also form an effective part of weight loss programs in Kenya.  Cardiovascular exercises may take the  form of swimming,cycling and aerobic dances. These exercises aid in burning fats resulting in weight loss.

One important factor should be considered when designing effective weight loss programs in Kenya. The reason behind the desire to lose weight. Ask yourself why do I want to loss weight? Is it to avoid health risks and the dangers of being  over weight? Is it to feel good and look good? Or is it to improve the quality of my life?

There are many dangers associated with being over weight or obesity. Some include high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, different types of cancer.and stroke. Stress can also stem from social factors like being excluded from the social group.This especially occurs in childhood obesity.

Evaluating reasons for initiating weight loss programs in Kenya is important as  it adds positive motivation.This can be helpful to lose weight and to keep it off.In fact it can also be helpful in changing our lifestyle and attitudes.Modern lifestyles highly contribute to obesity and being over weight and.One example is the couch potato lifestyle.

Psychological factors can also contribute to being over weight.Today many of us eat when we are sad.We eat when we are happy.We eat when we are bored.Food has become a substitute for many things.Hence an effective weight loss program in Kenya should address core factors that can undermine success in weight loss.

Today the average citizen in many countries takes a vehicle to work.The day is spent in front of a desk,computer, stall or office.Evening is spent in front of a television, radio or at a favorite spot with friends.This offers minimal movement or the activity required to cut back on excess calories.

Compare with three generations back.Morning would involve minor repairs around the house.A bicycle would come in handy when running errands, from the bank, to the shopping center and back home.Evening Would probably involve splitting firewood.

Importance of a Healthy Diet in Weight Loss Programs in Kenya

A good diet be should considered when designing  weight loss programs in Kenya.By eating a nutritious diet low in calories, one is likely to lose weight. If you have switched to such a diet and you still do not lose weight ,then you should monitor your portions or servings.The more we are served, the more we are likely to eat.

One gram of fat contains 9 calories.Both proteins and carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram.This means that a diet rich in fatty foods contributes to weight gain.Therefore one should limit or avoid the consumption of  bacon, eggs, dairy products, fatty cuts of steak or red meat. The body uses up the calories in carbohydrates and proteins first.The calories in fat are stored under the skin as reservoirs.

A diet rich in proteins is an essential part of weight loss programs in Kenya. Proteins aid in the development of muscle. Muscles help in burning fat which results in weight loss. Some sources of Protein rich foods include egg whites,yogurt, cottage cheese and fish.These can be substituted with nuts and legumes that contain lower calories.

A diet rich in whole and wholesome foods is recommended for effective weight loss programs in Kenya. This includes fruits and vegetables. Lean cuts of meat and whole grains also constitute healthy foods that aid in losing weight. Fat burning foods like garlic and pepper should also be included in the diet.

Apples, pears, strawberries, potatoes, broccoli, nuts, brown rice and brown ugali are high in fiber and low in calories. Fiber is not easily digested and attaches itself to fats and proteins and removes them. Fiber leaves you with a feeling of fullness for a long time. This prevents the starving feeling that may lead to binging on unhealthy foods.

In serving healthy foods, one should limit the amount of each serving to avoid overeating. The number of servings should be increased from a normal of 3 meals a day, to 5 or 6 meals a day.Frequent meals lead to increased metabolism.A high rate of metabolism leads to a higher fat burning rate. This results in weight loss.

Genetic traits may sometimes be responsible for excess weight.Especially in developing countries where food is not readily available.A child who lives a sedentary lifestyle is likely to replace sports with video games.Spending much time on computer and television. Generally becoming a potato couch.Such a child should have no business blaming the parents for defective genes resulting in being overweight.

When settling on weight loss programs in Kenya,it is advisable to enlist the support of friends and family members.This means that you share your goals with people who have your best interests at heart.Such support is necessary because losing much weight may require constant motivation.In extreme situations such as moving from obesity to moderate or normal weight more is required. Support from a professional is necessary.For personal support, information and related products,  e-mail  admin@charlesmomo.com

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