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Weight Loss Tips in Kenya

MMany people think that weight loss tips in Kenya revolve around diets you should take and exercises you should perform. Then voila you loose weight. Well the truth is that more is involved than just diets and exercises.

Weight loss tips in Kenya are designed to prepare you for more. First it is important to figure out your healthy weight according to your height. The height weight ratio will aid you in determining you healthy weight. After figuring out the ratio for your healthy height and weight, don’t be in a hurry to lose weight give yourself about 3 to 6 months or more according to the weight you desire to lose.

Many weight loss tips in Kenya will suggest that you aim at slow and steady weight loss which is healthier than rapid weight loss. It will be important to mark out your weight loss goal on a calendar. Your weight loss goal should indicate weight loss in kilograms and time in months or weeks. Avoid checking your weight everyday.

It is important to follow weight loss tips in Kenya that advise you to take measurement of your body parts. You can use a tape measure and note down measurements of your chest, arms, thighs, hips, wrists and calves. After every month of your workout routine measure your body parts and record changes.

Importance of Exercise in Weight Loss Tips in Kenya

If there is no weight loss in your thighs, intensify exercises on your thigh muscles groups.  Do the same for all your body parts, stretch more. Avoid the elevator, always use stairs If you are new to exercises,  enroll the services of a fitness instructor and join a gym. If you are unwilling to join a gym, follow these tips and workout at home.

weight loss tips in kenya

weight loss tips in kenya

There are many weight loss tips in Kenya to help you with your work outs, Schedule your workout routines on a weekly basis. Have fixed times for working out and for meals.  Setting an alarm for workout and meal times is important for maintaining a routine.

Some weight loss tips in Kenya are meant to protect you from injuries.When working out always wear close fitting clothes that are comfortable. Training in comfortable shoes reduces your chances of injury. Warming up for at least 10 minutes before your routine  will adequately prepare your muscles and joints for exercise. Skipping rope or going for a mild jog warms up the body.

Stretching is an important aspect of weight loss tips in Kenya. Stretching increases flexibility of muscles and is essential for joints. Always stretch after training. Continue stretching your body at work. Every month modify your routine. keep increasing the intensity of your strength training.

Start your cardio workouts with sessions of 30 to 45 minutes twice or thrice a week. Gradually increase them to 60 minutes. On alternate days follow up with strength training. Train individual parts of the body at each session. Shoulder muscles and lower body require separate sessions.

Cardio exercises according to weight loss tips in Kenya burns calories fast,resulting in weight loss. Some effective cardio exercises include running, skipping rope and swimming. Always carry a bottle of water and a hand towel when working out.  After working out lie down for about ten minutes to let your body cool off. 

Concentrate on your exercises, don’t form a habit of skipping your workouts. When working out, play some music as it makes your sessions more enjoyable. When you get bored with your routine, try out some dance routines to lose weight.

One pillar of weight loss tips in Kenya is rest. The body needs rest, avoid a 7 day workout schedule. Set aside one or two days for rest. If your body complains because of fatigue, give yourself more time to relax.

Healthy Diets in Weight Loss Tips in Kenya

When following weight loss tips in Kenya, it is important not to starve yourself.  Avoid nutrient deficiency. Aim at healthy weight loss. Always maintain a balanced diet when picking a weight loss program.

Include a variety of fruits in your diet. Always take breakfast your body needs it. Start your breakfast with fruit and fruit juices without adding sugar. These have enzymes that aid in absorption of nutrients

Incorporate a lot of raw vegetables or salads in your diet. Reduce the quantity of steamed vegetables and cereals in your meals. Raw vegetables contain active ingredients that speed up digestion. They also help reduce constipation.

Weight loss tips in Kenya will ensure your diet is rich in fiber. Fiber is difficult to digest and leaves you feeling full for a long time, reducing your chances bingeing. Fiber also attaches itself to fats removing them. Some fiber rich foods include apples, pears, nuts, broccoli, brown rice  sunflower, cabbages and oat bran.

About 30 minutes before your meals, always take a small bowl of fruit or mixed fruit and a small bowl of salad. Take a bowl full fruits and yogurt in the evening. Limit the amount of  desserts you eat. If you feel satisfied do not finish the food in your plate.

For lunch and supper don’t eat any fried foods.Weight loss tips in Kenya call for the exclusion of junk food in your diet. Remove them from your kitchen and replenish them  with healthy food. Avoid processed foods, red meat and most white meat from your diet.

When choosing white meat pick fish, it is high in nutrients and and low in calories. Fish should be steamed or grilled instead of fried. Once or twice in a month you can eat a meal of your choice, even junk food.

One pillar of weight loss tips in Kenya is the benefits of drinking water. Drink 2 to 3 liters daily. One lemon squeezed in water cleans the body of toxins. If you have constipation related problems go for an enema or colon cleanse.

Sugar contains calories, so avoid sugary drinks and sodas. Tea and coffee should also be avoided. However green tea helps in weight loss by boosting your metabolism. Drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea daily to gain health from weight loss tips in Kenya.

Maintaining your Healthy Life with Weight Loss Tips in Kenya

Metabolism boosters will help you in your weight loss programs to burn calories faster. After a weight loss program it is possible to maintain your body weight and shape, ensure you retain good metabolism. Do not try to starve yourself as this will slow down your metabolism.

Include grapes in your diet as they are great metabolism boosters. Other metabolism boosters include nuts and fortified soy milk. Eggs spinach and beans are rich sources of vitamin B, which is a good metabolism booster and can be taken as supplements.

If you find that your body is allergic to some foods stop consuming them. Switch to others than produce faster results for you and consume more of them. Keep updating yourself with healthy ways to lose weight.

Many believe that once you quit your weight loss program or activity like swimming cycling, jogging or weight training, you gain back the weight. Well this is not true because weight loss is caused by low metabolism and more calorie intake than required. Get a diary and note your daily intake of calories and food choices. Ensure you burn more calories than you consume.

Persevere in your in your weight loss programs or activities. Always ensure you maintain a balanced diet. Watch out for your own safety while exercising. For more on Weight loss tips in Kenya at charlesmomo.com or contact us tel 0720 690 412

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