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Why Women Gain Weight in Kenya


Why Women Gain Weight in Kenya

Why Women Gain Weight in Kenya

Many women remember their wedding day with nostalgia. Perhaps one reason for quite  fond memories could be being slim enough to fit into that dream wedding dress. The one dress that captivated everyone at the wedding reception.

Once married, many women tend to gradually gain weight. Change in eating habits like eating richer foods, living a more carefree and comfortable life. These are just a few reasons why women gain weight in Kenya.

Why do women gain in Kenya ? This may seem a simple question but the answers may not be so straight forward. The additional weight may be considered by their spouses as a sign good health. Some women may gain weight during their pregnancy and continue gaining more weight for the rest of their lives.

Food addiction is Why Women Gain Weight in Kenya

When addiction is mentioned many of us think of alcohol, tobacco, opium, heroin and other drugs like cocaine. The reality is that many of  us suffer from an equally serious addiction which is addiction to food. Food addiction can refer to being addicted to an item of food , such as rice, spicy foods, milk, chicken fry and other types of manufactured food or junk foods. The other form of addiction to food  refers to overeating.

Addictions to any food items may be considered harmless because of the absence of visible side effects. However abstaining or removing the particular food item from ones menu may exhibit certain withdrawal symptoms. A dull  feeling in the stomach and other withdrawal symptoms are potential side effects. The symptoms disappear on the resumption or inclusion of the particular food item back on the menu.

Just like other addictions, addiction to food manifests itself in stages. The more you consume the particular food, the more you relish it. As time advances, the more you begin to crave it both in quantity and in frequency.

Addiction to single food items may be considered quite harmless compared to addiction to overeating. However this addiction becomes very difficult to control if the food item is high in calories. This will always lead to obesity.

The other kind of addiction to food, which refers to overeating is a very serious problem. This can be easy to control at the onset, which normally begins at childhood. If the behavior is encouraged or ignored, it reaches a stage when it becomes extremely difficult to control.

What occurs is the indiscriminate consumption of any available food. Usually the consumption is heavy to the point of  having discomfort in the tummy. When the food is not forthcoming or unavailable the individual becomes restless until they can refill after a few minutes break.

The underlying cause for such over eating may be the result of the abnormal functioning of the endocrine glands. The amount of hormones produced in this case, leads to imbalances that lead to overeating and finally in being obese.

One reason why addiction to food can be difficult to control is the abundance or availability of food. People are generally more likely to eat more when in company, whether this happens due to competition or excitement is not really clear. Such enthusiasm for feeding rarely occurs when you find yourself by yourself, or just you against the food.

Idleness tends to lead to the need to eat being felt more profoundly than when you are  busy. Watching television, playing video games, chatting, traveling and generally having nothing much to do, leads to that feeling of needing to eat here and now.

Hormones and Why Women Gain weight in Kenya

Internal secretions into our blood by the endocrine glands can sometimes result in defective growth both in body and mind. Endocrine glands are the organs in our bodies that are responsible for pouring secretions internally into the blood. Common disorders and diseases following such defects include obesity.

Why Women Gain Weight in Kenya

Why Women Gain Weight in Kenya

Glands secrete chemical substances into our bodies called hormones. Hormonal chemicals in cells from one area are capable of affecting cells in other areas. Another reason why women gain weight in Kenya is due to hormonal influences in the body. Some of these glands include the pituitary gland, the thyroid gland, the adrenal glands, the pacers and  gonads glands.

The pituitary gland acts as the governor gland of all the other glands. It specifically monitors the secretion of hormones by other glands, acting as a speed governor that ensures just the right amount is secreted.  The gland hangs at the base of the hypothalamus in the lower part of the brain.

The hypothalamus is a collection of neurons responsible for stimulation of appetite. It acts as a central area that once stimulated, results in hunger signals being transmitted to tell  you that you are hungry. If this appetite center in the hypothalamus experiences an abnormal function, you are likely to overeat, leading to obesity.

On the other extreme, if the hormonal secretion is deficient, obesity is going to be the result. The affected individual is also likely to experience height retardation, common especially in growing children. Girls are likely to remain short and stout, with the onset of menses taking very long to arrive.

Overdrive in the production or secretion of the hormones by the pituitary gland, will lead to abnormal levels of growth . The condition referred to as gigantism causes one to be oversize. The particular individual experiences rapid growth during their teens extending into early adulthood.

The Thyroid Gland, located in the neck, is also responsible for obesity in women. The deficiency in the secretion of the thyroid hormone leads to rapid division of cells. It is the increase of these particular cells that spurs the onset of obesity.

The adrenals Glands are situated above the kidneys and are two in number. The adrenals secrete hormones that control emotions of anger, fear etc. Massive dose administration of the hormones or greater secretion of the hormone by the adrenal glands results in a severe disorder referred to as Cushing’s syndrome.

Cushing’s Syndrome is also known as the moon face. Any tumor or inflammation on the adrenals gland will cause Cushing’s syndrome. The affected person will bloat to extraordinary proportions. Besides the victim becomes susceptible to other conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

The Pancreas Gland is a very essential digestive gland committed to the secretion of digestive pancreatic juices and insulin. Insulin is an important endocrine hormone that is crucial to the metabolism of sugar. Obesity occurs when refined carbohydrates and sugar are stored under the skin in the form of fat.

Abnormal sugar metabolism leads to excessive stockpiles of fat from carbohydrates  leading to obesity. This is  directly related to insulin levels and functions in the body, is responsible for this type of obesity. In a few instances deficiency in the secretion of hormones by the ovaries in women during menopause leads to obesity.

Other Reasons Why Women Gain Weight in Kenya

There are many other reasons why women gain weight in Kenya. Some of these other reasons apply to both men and women in general. Lack of adequate activity and exercise is another reason why women gain weight in Kenya.

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